Some tips to keep the housewife from getting angry at you!


In the family, quarrels and disputes arise between husband and wife and many families split up. Most husbands report that in the end the wife is the one who is angry. Husbands sometimes cause wives to get angry in the family. Here are some tips to get love from wife without getting angry:

1. Do not point out the small mistakes that the wife makes and plan to come to the mouth. Take the mistake lightly.

2. Do not forget to smile when you see your wife. Thus even the wife who is angry is likely to forget it at times.

3. Do not keep talking to your wife as if you are harassing her while engaging in important work. Thus the wife gets angry and has a chance to project yourself. Thus 2 people are more likely to be ‘close out’.

4. If you have a wife who goes to work, ask about their experiences when the job is over. Do not forget to share your experiences with him as well.

5. Lovingly thank you for the small help your wife does. It is not wrong to say it a little bit. Apologize immediately for the mistakes we make. This way you can avoid prolonging the anger towards the wife.

6. Keep in mind the mistakes made by the wife and do not talk about it. The wife’s parents and family should not be planned without further involvement. This is likely to cause hatred in the mind of the wife.

7. If you are a wife who does not go to work, do not forget to take your wife outside when the time is available.

8. When the wife wants something, she can buy it if she has the money. Otherwise you can calmly tell your spouse that you have no money or that you do not need the item right now.

9. When the husband and wife talk, do not speak stubbornly, give up and talk. Do not miss the opportunity to express your views to your spouse.

10. Do not look down on the work done by the wife, including cooking, gardening and decorating the house. Saying goodbye and politely reporting the change.

11. The wife feels lonely and thinks of motherhood as she engages in activities that include looking down on her wife in front of others, talking and swearing.

12. By doing small favors for the wife while at home, the relationship between the two will be strengthened and love will increase. The place where the anger was will go unnoticed


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