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Shape-up is not a diet drink or meal replacement, let alone an appetite-suppressant and is also not a diet and fitness program. ShapeUP is natural collagen protein that helps you to quickly get back in shape. It doesn’t work entirely without training, but ShapeUP provides effective support. Simply eat as you usually would. Muscles define the body, fat knocks it out of shape. Muscles burn energy, fat does not. In fact, muscles are the largest energy consumers in our body.But if they are not used enough, the body simply gets rid of them. Without exercise, muscles cannot be built up. But with ShapeUP you now have the perfect personal trainer at your side: The healthy and natural collagen peptides support the training, enabling you to reach your ideal physique more quickly.You’ll feel the effects after six to twelve weeks: You build up your muscles and at the same time reduce the stored fat.

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