Tuesday, November 20, 2018
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Living Smart has been the catalyst for puffing you on the path to achieving some goals you have wanted to or a while. Living Smart attracts a group Of inspiring people that want to make a positive difference to the world we live in. Encourages us to make small changes, but also confidence to make extraordinary changes too. Living Smart is being aware Of the actions you do and the choices you make and how they contribute to the world around in which was share with all organisms. Smart living is community, ideas, sharing, sustainability,being better, talking about ideas, social, mental, health, well being, bring active, living to 100, making friends, learning awareness, knowledge, growing your own food, helping others, simpler living, back to basics. Rather than just developing an awareness of issues and hoping people change their behaviour, Living Smart is based on sound methods to encourage behaviour change in individuals. These methods include in-class goal setting and regular sharing of intended and achieved actions building commitment to act and positive role modelling.

Does starting the day early promote your productive efficiency?

Some swear they peak at early starting in the morning and push for an early start at office. Night Owls swear their minds work...

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