Gold with Benefits


The human body is composed of many different elements. Over 96% of body weight is a combination of oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen. But it might be surprising for you that the human body also contains gold. A 70-kilogram human body contains 0.229 milligrams of gold.

Gold inside body plays a vital role in the health and maintenance of the joints. Also being a good conductor of electricity, it helps in transmitting electrical signals throughout the body.

It was highly valued and in ancient times, gold was used as an expensive type of medicine. Nowadays, people are experimenting with the nutritional benefits of gold, but what are the effects on the human body? From desserts to pharmaceuticals, we look at how gold plays a role in the foods, beverages, and medicines that we consume.

Raw gold has toxins that are removed through processing. Gold processed into gold leaf or foil can then be used as medicine.

Many businesses use gold as a selling point, but few actually explain what effect gold has on the body. The Food and Drug Administration says regulations existed long ago governing the use of the edible gold leaf. Gold is often used for its decorative color and can be used in cakes, candy, and chocolate in permissible amounts. Gold for food use has a purity of over 90 percent, with a silver content below 7 percent.

Nowadays, people are using gold as an ingredient in the food. Some fine dining restaurants feature gold leaf to lure customers. It has no taste but dissolves as it enters the mouth. In recent years, some businesses have been using gold in alcohol as well.

For decoration, you just need a little layer to cover the top, meaning it shouldn’t exceed prescribed volumes. For gold used as a food product, we will have to make another assessment. Most edible gold takes the form of gold leaf.

Few people know the hard work behind the production, because the manufacturers have to carefully control the gold volume, fermentation period, temperature and pressure.

If you look at the chemical structure of pure gold, you will see that it has no toxins. It is frightening is that businesses aren’t clear and use gold compounds or gold chloride, which can cause skin inflammation, gastroenteritis or acute renal failure.

But it can aid the spirit, harden bone marrow, and remove pathogens from the five internal organs. And of course, gold is the secret to youthful skin. Egyptians believed that the precious metal had healing powers for all manners of physical, mental and spiritual ailments.

From medicinal uses in ancient times to nanotechnology today, the uses of gold are diverse and likely to increase in the future.


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