Spotting The Red Flags In Your Long-distance Relationship


Examine these warning signs and consider your relationship. Can you spot a few of these?

Two long-distance relationships I’ve been in have gone horribly wrong in the first. And by badly, I mean that it collapsed like a blazing pile of horse manure. It provided me with the ideal viewpoint to spot warning signs in a distant relationship.

Have I noticed the signs? Naturally, I noticed the signs because they were neon-lit. However, the obstinate me chose to ignore those warnings and press on. 

Our partnership was a violent time bomb waiting to explode. Even though I needed some time to recover from it, it opened my eyes to many things, which is why I’m writing this post. You can take a lesson from my blunders because I ate the shit. Although I did it for myself rather than for you, this ended up working out well for you.

You can be attempting to convince yourself that there are red flags even if you may not be seeing them. I’m here to provide you with clarification.

Do distance relationships provide challenges? Indeed. However, they shouldn’t be racked with sadness and emotional upheaval. And I should start by telling you that’s your biggest red flag right there if that’s how you’re feeling. So, what are the warning signs?

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8 Long-Distance Relationship Red Flags to Spot in Your Relationship

Examine these warning signs and consider your relationship. Can you spot a few of these?

They don’t communicate with you

In a relationship, especially one that is long-distance, communication is crucial. However, you don’t get to hear your partner’s thoughts or feelings. Every discussion is quite superficial and basic: how was your day? How did you proceed? Beyond that, nothing exists.

They don’t want to make any future plans

Although they were initially enthusiastic about the idea of closing the distance and relocating to their city, or vice versa, that has since changed. They show no interest in future plans and say nothing about narrowing the gap. Then, why are you involved in a long-distance partnership?

You don’t know any of their family or friends

You don’t hang out with their friends or family when you’re in their city. Only the two of you are there. To a certain extent, I can understand that, but you ought to meet their friends and family if you’ve been dating for longer than a few months. You’re being kept in the dark instead.

The texts are getting shorter and shorter

Texting is one activity that long-distance couples engage in frequently. It’s not always possible for you to Skype or FaceTime. However, your lover is sending fewer and fewer text messages. When you text them, you receive a few words in return, and they won’t text you unless you initiate contact.

You don’t really know what they’re doing

When you give it some thought, you realize that you have no real idea how people spend their time. In a typical relationship, you and your partner would talk about your day, but they wouldn’t discuss how they spend their time together. Isn’t this a little strange?

You’re making all the plans

They aren’t doing a single thing for you if you don’t make the phone calls, plan a date night, and book the airline tickets. You handle everything. Yes, perhaps you’re the type of person who enjoys being in control, but really. What occurs if you don’t give them a call? Do they answer when you call? One of the warning signs of a long-distance relationship is this.

They’re not excited to hear from you

Perhaps you recently received the job of your dreams or excelled on your exam. Those who are in love, of course, are the first to tell. Naturally, you also anticipate their happiness. However, it doesn’t appear like your partner is concerned. They’re not happy about your accomplishment; instead, they’re uninterested.

You’ve seemed to disappear from their social media

It sounds a little fishy if you were all over their social media and all of a sudden you’re not. They seem to keep you low-key and don’t interact with comments on their postings. Although I won’t jump to judgment and assume they’re cheating on you, it’s obvious they don’t want the world to know about your relationship.

Final thoughts

You two had better agree on anything if you’re going to be spending so much time together even though they live far away. It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain a long-distance relationship, so what are you two doing if the other partner isn’t doing their share?

In a long-distance relationship, if you see more than a few of these warning signs, it’s important to sit down with your partner and find out what they want. Being in a one-sided relationship is unfair to you, even if I understand you might not want to hear the truth. You are aware that you are worthy of more.


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