How To Eat Healthy While Working From Home


World Health Day is being celebrated on the 7th of April – and the theme this time is reaching all, providing health care access for all. In ‘Corona’ times, with all of us locked down in our homes, we are relooking at our options, seeing a new way to live; when this lockdown is lifted our lives will definitely change. But why shouldn’t we adopt similar changes into our current lifestyle too? So today, let us rededicate ourselves to using this time to improve our health and be ready for new challenges.

With most of us working from home and eating only home-cooked food, it is actually a fabulous time to get into shape and rejuvenate. Working from home means that you can eat when you like, even in the middle of a conference, eat junk because its soul food, timings don’t matter- you are at home.Hello get a fact check, make each day count.

1. Eat real food

One advantage of this lock down is that we are all eating home cooked food, so make each meal balanced. Have moderate carbs, adequate proteins, some milk product and lots of veggies. Eating nutritious food will impact your energy level and your productivity. It will also keep you from eating empty junk filled calories.

Precook meals when you are free, or at least do some prep like chopping, cleaning or making a lot of masala in one go. It will save you time and effort and when free, plus it is a good way to get the family together.

2. Portions are important

Learn and understand your portions and stick to them. Physical activity is down, over eating may land you up with more weight. A simple way is: 1/2 plate of vegetables. 1/4th carbs or cereal, 1/4th protein and 150- 200mls milk.

3. Fix meal timings

Just because its work from home doesn’t mean that you can eat when you like. Keep your meal timings fixed like a working day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner latest by 9pm. Take snack breaks in between your major meals for 10-15 minutes, it helps refresh you.

Snack on fruits, nuts, boiled or baked snacks like boiled corn, or even a fistful of bhuna chana. Keep just the quantity you need to eat at your side, DO NOT carry the container to your desk. Don’t place your work desk anywhere near the place you keep edibles at home – the kitchen or pantry. We don’t want you munching every time you get up from your desk.

4. Drink a lot of water

You may forget to hydrate well leading to fatigue and headaches. Keep water at your table, there are better chances you will drink more. 35-45mls/kg body weight is a good place to start. Try and drink more in between meals, and less with meals.

5. Go easy on the caffeine

Excessive intake of caffeine is known to be detrimental to health. 2-3 cups/day is adequate. Just because everyone is at home, you don’t have to join whoever is drinking a cup. While eating just do that. We are lucky to get this time with our families, so make mealtimes an opportunity to connect, even while working from home. Eating and working together does justice to neither. Eating at a dining table while using all your 5 senses improves digestion.

6. Exercise daily

Use the time you are saving travelling to exercise indoors. YouTube has all forms of at home exercises – use this time to explore, try different things daily, involve your family. It is a good way to spend an hour.

There is a silver lining to every cloud. Those of us working, means we are employed. Use this unique opportunity to improve your health, body, mind and soul, you may not get another opportunity. Stay healthy, stay safe, stay indoors.


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