Home Chef’s Best-Selling Meal Kits Are 60% Off Today


Just in case you’re looking to flex your cooking muscles by testing some new recipes in social isolation, meal-kit delivery service Home Chef is offering 60% off its best-selling meal kits now through tomorrow (which is coming up shortly!), with the code LUCKY60. Grocery shopping while social distancing can be especially stressful, since we’re all trying to limit the amount of time we spend in public spaces. So a meal-kit service that delivers some of your meals for the week can be a good option for some. And with this 60% off deal, the service just got a lot more affordable (see more info on pricing below).

With Home Chef you can choose from nearly a dozen meals each week that can be prepared in about 30 minutes or less. The service offers plenty of satisfying options for all your dietary needs—whether you’re vegan or going gluten-free—and includes a range of fresh ingredients to get you cooking tasty meals (from sirloin steak and garlic herb butter to a hearty salad). It also provides delectable bite-size options that are ideal for midday snacking and protein packs, which include high-quality cuts of meat like steak, chicken, and fish.

Since Home Chef typically forecasts menus up to five weeks ahead, it’s also easy to plan out over a month’s worth of meals, which can be a relief for streamlining the meal-prep process and your work-from-home routine.

Cost: Dinners cost about $10 per serving, while lunches cost about $8 per serving (choose from two or four servings) and can even be customized for an additional fee; other meal options and add-ons (like smoothies, for an additional $5 per serving) are available on the site. Home Chef is available nationwide: Delivery is free for orders over $40, and otherwise $10 for anything less than that amount.

Regular price: Three meals with two servings each (six servings): $59.70/week ($238.80/month)

Sale price: $23.90/week ($95.60/month)

Regular price: Two meals with four servings each (eight servings): $79.60/week ($318.40/month)

Sale price: $31.84/week ($127.36/month)

Regular price: Four meals with two servings each (eight servings): $79.60/week ($318.40/month)

Sale price: $31.84/week ($127.36/month)

Regular price: Three meals with four servings each (12 servings): $119.40/week ($477.60/month)

Sale price: $47.76/week ($191.04/month)


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