10 Interesting Facts about Paleo Diet


With the number of reported cases of obesity rocketing sky-high, there arises an urgent need to remind the world of a diet that could probably change the way we eat, think, and act. Paleo diet aka the caveman diet is nothing but the most preliminary form of eating that existed thousands of years ago before agriculture came into practice.

10 Interesting Facts about Why Paleo Diet Is Popular and How to Follow One

Paleo diet, as mentioned earlier, is a prehistoric diet followed during Stone Age or the Paleolithic Era. It includes foods such as lean meats, fish, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Paleo diet doesn’t involve poultry, dairy, grains, or any kind of processed food.
The diet basically relies on the fact that our food habits have changed over the years but unfortunately, our genes haven’t. Biologically, we still carry the genes of our ancestors and only the ancient diet can help us maintain a healthy life. The theory also suggests that what we call a balanced meal today isn’t actually balanced.
Beans, legumes, leafy vegetables, and dairy foods have become our staples and it’s hard to skip the iron, protein, and calcium that we gain from them. On the other hand, Paleo dieticians suggest that the required nutrients can be gained from the ‘caveman diet’ itself and there is no need to bring in modern-day food habits.
Studies have come up with a concept called ‘Discordance Hypothesis’ which means our new dietary practices don’t comply with our genes. This has subsequently led to a rise in obesity, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, and diabetes.
An interesting fact about following a Paleo diet is that there is no prescribed calorie count you are supposed to follow. This is something fun because most diets work on sticking to a recommended calorie count.
Paleo diet also means that you have to perform more physical work and drink enough water to keep the system stabilized.
Animal fat, lard, and oils from almond, walnut, and coconut are considered some of the good sources of fat in a Paleo diet. Butter, cheese, and any processed form of fat are a strict no. However, ghee is an exception.
Paleo diet involves very less carb intake. So if you are someone who wants to stick to Paleo diet yet crave carbs, try including one serving rice in your meal. Keep in mind that pasta, bread, and noodles are still off-limits.
Most people follow a Paleo diet to lose weight or get in shape. Since there is absolutely no trace of sugar or carbs in the routine, it is easier to shed weight compared to the keto diet.
There is no proven study that the Paleo diet is advantageous over the regular balanced diet we consume on a daily basis. Neither has it been proven disadvantageous.

Though there are a lot of contradictory facts surrounding the idea of Paleo diet, it is definitely beneficial if you are up for some serious weight loss.


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