6 Tips to buy the perfect pair of running shoes


There was a time when I thought that all shoes for exercise were the same. One wrong pair turned things around. The eye opening event happened when I picked up a pair of tennis shoes to use at the gym. When I started running the shoes was not only too heavy but there was not enough air passing through it.

Since then I have always been careful of my choices of running shoes. There are a lot of factors to be looked into when you buy your shoes. Your feet need to be happy. Running with the wrong kind of shoes can lead to an injury.

Here are a few tips to help you shop for your next pair of running shoes:

  • Heel

The heel should fit snugly but not too tight that it restricts the movement of the heel completely. You should be able to slip your feet in and out before it gets laced. You should have movement but it should be a comfortable sort of movement that holds your feet snugly.

  • Instep

A shoes upper should feel snug and secure. If it is too tight then you might want to try a different design or lace them up differently.

  • Width

Your foot should be able to move side to side in the forefoot without your feet having to touch the edge of the insole. If the shoe is too narrow you will feel it when you tiny toe doesn’t sit on the front.

  • Length

Feet swell and expand when you run. So make sure that there is a thumb width of space between the biggest toe and the end of the shoe.

Make sure that you have a lot of wiggle room for your toes, as that helps in eliminating front of the foot problems.

  • Feel

You know your body best. Wear the shoe and see if it fits the natural shape of your feet and you feel comfortable by just wearing it. You should pick one that feels most natural to your feet.

Walk in the shoes in the store so that you make sure you leave the store with happy feet.


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