Get omega 3 from these vegan foods!


The benefits of omega 3 fatty acids are untold. It is fat that our bodies require for its normal and healthy functioning. The omega 3 fatty acids are the best food you can give to your heart. It keeps a check on your blood pressure and also keeps any abnormal or risky functioning of the heart at bay. We know what our bodies need but we often struggle to find the right foods that contain those, especially when our options are limited.

However, the amazing and irreplaceable omega-3 is found in these fun, tasty and easily available foods.

1. Soybeans

Soybeans are rich in ALA, which improves heart health. Thes can equal cold water fish in their omega-3 content.

2. Chia seeds

They are not only rich in magnesium and calcium, they are also a great source of omega-3. Soak a cup of chia seeds in water or include them in smoothies, there are multiple ways to eat them.

3. Walnuts

The nut is a favorite among many people, you probably already have them in your diet daily, if not, start to. These are excellent for multiple vascular benefits and keeps a check on your weight too.

4. Mangoes

How surprised and thrilled are you to see mangoes in the list? The most delicious fruit that is loaded with nutrients and the rare Omega-3. This is a seasonal fruit but has as many of them as you can in the season, they have benefits and a taste that nothing else in the world can have.


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