Did you know that there are more than 50 different types of biriyani around the world? Seems appetizing enough? Well, you no more have to wait for the cheat day to relish this much-loved Indian delicacy; this three-min read will sure sum up why chicken biriyani is a healthy intake.

Apart from the mouth-watering taste factor, biriyani is a wholesome meal and, in fact, a single serving includes pretty much all the carbs, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals that the body needs for great functioning. So, the next time someone restricts you from eating this finger-licking dish, you have valid points to prove your side and here is how.

Chicken: Well, we are specifically talking about poultry here, and hence red-meat lovers, please excuse! Yes, coming back to chicken, the presence of niacin (Vitamin B3) in its content enhances the overall health including the proper behavior of the digestive and nervous system. Moreover, this protein-packed food promotes muscle growth when taken in correct proportions. Choose free-range chicken if you are more specific about the no-antibiotic rage.

Rice: Today, there is a lot of talk about cutting-down carbs in the daily diet; but, good carbs are energy boosters and your biriyani has loads of it. Of course, taking at right intervals could save you from obesity and cardiovascular issues.

Spices: These are the most beneficial ingredients of biriyani; especially, the addition of cumin, ginger, chilli, turmeric, cloves, cardamom, and other taste-inducing spices release enzymes that are great for digestion.

Oil/ Ghee: Here comes the real trick. Excess fat in your food not only puts you to good sleep but also causes the accumulation of bad cholesterol. So, the next time you savor biriyani, make sure the oil content is in minimum as these are healthy fats when consumed in the right proportions.

Apart from finding all good reasons in favor of this finger-licking meal, it is also essential to keep a count on the number of times you tend to eat biriyani per month. This will ensure there is no health complexity or obese issues in the future.

Add brownie points to your body’s overall well-being by consuming it right and give more reasons for the future generations to enjoy this luscious feed rather than considering it a hazard.


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