Things you MUST NOT stop doing if you are dating someone for a long time


Keeping the spark alive in your relationship!Dating the same person for a really long time comes with its own set of challenges. You might be in love with your partner and cannot imagine a life without him or her, but your relationship may still lose the spark it had before. Your love for your partner has only grown with time but you do not experience those butterflies in your stomach anymore. Well, it is normal for any relationship to go through a lull phase and with little efforts, you can figure your way out of this rut. Here are seven things that made your relationship exciting when it just started, and you need to keep doing them (forever) to float your boat. Read on…

​Saying those three wordsSince you have been together for a long time, you assume that your significant other knows you love him or her. You think that it would be pretty evident but in reality, saying ‘I love you’ to your partner makes a great difference in your relationship. It makes your partner feel special and is a gentle reassurance that you love them to the bones. Whenever they cook your favourite meal, make special efforts for you, or even if there is no specific reason—just look into their eyes, hug them tight and whisper these three words. You will probably make their day!

​Being a little unpredictable! Do you miss those days when you used to have spontaneous sex with your partner? Do you miss that element of excitement when he or she used to step into the bedroom and try out something new? Or, it has been a long time when you sent a raunchy text to your partner when they were busy in a meeting? Well, what is stopping you now? Be a little unpredictable in your relationship (including the sex life) and surprise your partner in unexpected ways. We bet, you will bring back that element of surprise and passion to your bond and you will thank us for it!

​Going on datesWe know you enjoy lying on the couch and binge-watching television series but going out for a romantic dinner (think candle-lit table or on a beach-side shack) won’t damage your relationship, right? Even if you have spent a decade together, go out for date nights and you don’t always have to look for a special occasion for it.

​Taking care of your appearanceIt’s a great thing that your partner loves you even when you have not bathed for days, have put on your tattered night suit and forgot to spray a deodorant. But that does not mean you start taking them for granted and stop giving attention to how you look. Take out at least a day in a month where you dress up for each other. Put on the lingerie, wear your partner’s favourite outfit and look your best.

​Whispering little nothingsWhile your partner is busy in the kitchen or working on the laptop, hug him or her and whisper some sweet nothings. The thought of this spontaneous gesture would make them smile the whole day. Even if you know your partner would never leave you, that does not mean you stop complimenting or flirting with them. Keep reminding your partner of the undying love with flirty texts and naughty surprises.

​Quality timeNeedless to say, spending quality time together is the key to a healthy and happy relationship. Even if you both have hectic schedules, try sharing at least one meal together every day. Avoid using phone, laptop and tablets once you are together in the bedroom and make sure to share the nitty-gritty of your day with your partner.

​Being yourselfYour partner fell in love with the person you were when your relationship started. He or she loved how you chased your dreams, achieved your goals and followed your passion. The way you used to handle your life, spend time on weekends, pursue your hobbies and focus on everything that mattered—all these were a part of the grand scheme of things that made him or her fall head over heels for you. But sometimes, we tend to put everything on the back burner and give all our time and attention to the relationship. Stop doing it! Spend quality time with your partner but don’t forget that you have a life outside this relationship as well. Your partner would love and respect how you handle your life!


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