3 common signs you may be sexually incompatible with your partner


Sexual satisfaction of both partners is extremely important to have a fulfilling married life. But what happens when the partners have mismatched libidos?


You and your bae are compatible in several ways, but when it comes to sex, somehow you feel that you are like chalk and cheese.


In other words, you fear that you may not be sexually compatible with each other. But, how do you know for sure?

Here are the signs you should watch out for:

How you think about sex
Sometimes it’s all in the mind. For instance, your partner may prefer intellectual compatibility to sexual compatibility – he may not simply want to put a great deal of emphasis on making sex the magical glue in your relationship. On the other hand, you feel that sexual compatibility is very important if you want to keep the spark alive.

Quality over quantity
Sexually compatible couples tend to focus on the quality of sex – they wouldn’t be too bothered about how frequently they are having it, according to experts. So, if one of you thinks that sex is just a routine thing to do while the other partner is hankered after deeply satisfying lovemaking sessions once in a while, chances are you are sexually incompatible with each other.

A lack of communication
The key to great sex is communication. So, if one of the partners is nonchalant or not particularly enthusiastic about discussing new positions or how to make sex better, while the other is all too willing to discuss bedroom blues, sexual incompatibility is certainly written on the wall.


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