Making Love In The Middle Of Chaos


When borders closed, I guess legs opened up. The gravity of the pandemic hitting everyone was felt extremely by everyone because sex drives spiked up, but why? This especially applies to couples who got locked down together when the pandemic started. To the single and those in a long-distance relationship, it made them hungrier for sex and the steamy touch a partner can bring.

Why was there love in the middle of chaos? I guess being together 24/7 brought out the sex drives and tension between couples. The stress of being in a pandemic was surely relieved by some good sex. Frequently having sex can become boring, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have any way to spice it up. Today, we will be talking about how you can make things more exciting inside the bedroom despite the chaos that’s happening outside.

Explore and Liberate Your Sexual Energy
Channeling your sexual energy is one of the most important things because if you do, you’re channeling the right energy to give away when things are getting exciting. When someone feels most comfortable in their body and skin, it ignites a new kind of energy, the person becomes more attractive, sexually appealing, and sultry to their partner’s eyes.

Who doesn’t want to be sexually attractive and sexually channeling your energy, right? Explore yourself by looking at the mirror and affirming that the way you look is a scrumptious meal to have. You should think that your body is a reward needed to be achieved by your partner. Think highly of yourself because that would project an energy that’s bound to make your partner hungry for you.

There’s no shame in liberating yourself. Touch yourself if you must! You are a god/goddess of your own bed and you should feel that touching you is like touching liquid gold. Soft, shiny, and highly valuable. Open up your mind to greater things and the greater feeling than liberating your own sexual energy can bring to you and your experience with your partner in bed. It’s your time to shine!

Play Around With New Things
There are a lot of ways to play around with new things. You don’t have to necessarily stick to the same old Missionary and Doggy position that you’re used to. Get that child-like energy back by exploring new things that you and your partner can try out. Playing around with new things can include new foreplays, role-playing, trying out sex toys, and the like.

Role-playing is something that only a few have tried out but anyone can actually do it! Role-playing is about creating exciting sexual scenarios that you and your partner can act out. It can stimulate creativity as well for both of you, which makes the act more exciting. You can both dress up and set up props to really embody the scenario you want. If you and your partner create a safe environment for role-playing, it can totally benefit making your bedroom the steamiest it can be straying away from the usual persona that you both have.

Sex toys can also be a great addition to your exploration of spicing things up when having sex. There are a lot of sex toys that you and your partner can explore and choose what works for the both of you. Finding toys that highly stimulate you and your partner’s sex drive can make the sexy time better for you. I mean, who doesn’t want additional stimulators when having sex?

Playing around with new things will be totally up to you. Some things may not work for you that’s why there is a lot of variety in the market and you can always try and try again until you find the right vibe and tools that work best for you and your partner. Have fun with your inner child’s energy!

Communicate Your Desires
We all have our kinks and desires that we always want to come true. Even your partner has surely has some kinks that they want to do. Kinks are there to make sex exciting for yourself because it makes your sex drive go crazy when it happens.

Being open and talking about your kinks with your partner, even if how crazy you think it is, can actually be helpful the next time you both engage in sex. Your partner can also open up about their desires and you can make it a reality for them when you’re having sex. Communicating your desires will let your partner know that you want to do something and they are aware that they can possibly do it with you to make sure that both of you are satisfied and happy after doing your sexy time.

Having open communication with your partner about your desires, kinks, and dreams about sex should not be a shame because you are each other’s safe space. There’s nothing “too crazy” as long as your partner understands and agrees to do it with you and you also agree to whatever desire you have. Who knows, actualizing your kinks could make sex 100 times better than before.

Dedicate A “Sex Night”
Despite being in a pandemic and seemingly having 24/7 free time, it’s always not the case for others when they have a work-from-home setup or they have other house duties that take up all their time of the day. Dedicating a “sex night” with your partner can really be essential to free each other’s time and stimulate the right sexual energy because you both have the mindset that you’re going to have sex.

Dedicating a “sex night” can be totally up to you! You and your partner have to decide which day you want that exciting and intimate time without any distraction from work or anything that could get into both of your ways. You can even stimulate your dedicated “sex night” by having a small fancy home dinner with some wine or booze to help things get started for the both of you. You can have pre-activities that would make things more interesting leading up to your actual sex time.

All you and your partner have to do is have fun! Set the mood for each other and no distractions at all. You know your partner best, there’s nothing to lose when you make things exciting before having sex. Enjoy the night because it’s yours to make all the right sounds all night!

Go On A Sexual Getaway (Or Not)
If it’s already possible in your place, why not go on a sexual getaway? It’s always nice to take a quick break and get away from the usual places you’ve always been. A sexual getaway can be a breather for you and your partner and added to that it’s going to be energetic because you’re literally there to make love with your partner. You’re going to make good memories together in the new place you’re headed to! It’s going to be one for the books and you’ll back on the good feelings you’ve felt on the trip.

If you still can’t go out then explore new places in your home! Mark every corner of your home with your erotic romance with your partner. Try new platforms when making love, it could possibly make your sex a lot better or break things. Oops! Nevertheless, it’s going to be an experience for both of you and wherever you go, you can remember the love you’ve made in that particular place.

Get Steamy With An Erotic Movie Or Music
Some people really get aroused when an erotic movie or music is playing. You and your partner can decide on having a movie night that features an erotic movie, so you both get tingling sensations and desires while watching a movie. An erotic movie can be a visual stimulation and it would further encourage the both of you to be in the right mood to be making love at that very moment. Many can’t even finish halfway through the movie, how long do you think you and your partner would last?

You can even play erotic music while having sex, to get even more in the mood, and it helps elevates both of your senses when having sex. And, there’s nothing wrong when music is playing in your background! Best believe that erotic music can actually help the intercourse with the melodic sounds of you and your partner’s moans. Talk to your partner and set a date night while watching an erotic movie or vibing to erotic music, it might make things more special for you and your partner!

Pleasure Yourself In Front Of Your Partner
Are you shocked by this one? Because I sure am! But, it’s something worth trying. Why not pleasure yourself in front of your partner because your pleasure matters as well. It can also be sexually stimulating for your partner when they see you being so pleased with yourself and they would want even more to amplify that pleasure you’re feeling.

Letting yourself be vulnerable in front of your partner while pleasuring yourself can actually build intimacy for both of you. Your partner would also know better how they can bring you pleasure even better because you’re literally demonstrating it to them! It would also stimulate your partner’s sexual drive because the thing that’s going on in their mind is that they are the reason why you’re pleasuring yourself. Give it a try and see what pleasure it can bring to both of you!

“Pleasure” Is The Goal
Earlier, we mentioned that pleasuring yourself in front of your partner could one of the things you could do while making love in the middle of this chaotic pandemic but here’s another one you and your partner try. Make “pleasure” the goal for both of you. While making love, you can make it a challenge to yourselves that your end goal of having sex is that your partner is highly pleasured.

Take the challenge for yourselves! You’ll be dominating each other with this because you both want to pleasure each other. Seeing your partner pleasured is probably one of the best things you could see as a partner because that means that your partner is having a good time. Have a good time while doing it because at the end of your erotic activity is the pleasure you’re both in.

Be Intimate
Sex, as it is, is already intimate because you’re naked and in each other but intimacy can go beyond that. Touching your partner innocently and gently can be one of the things you can do, or intimately talk to each other as if you have a secret language that only the both of you could understand. Intimacy is what you define it, it could be different for every couple or partner out there in the world.

Both you and your partner should make sure that you’re still on the same level of intimacy and you’re on the same page of your relationship. Building intimacy will also lead to having better times when making love because a pandemic could really spark a lot of quarrels and unnecessary negative energy but when this is resolved through honest and genuine conversations, intimacy is built. When both of you have a solid foundation of intimacy, it would also make sex a lot better.

Rekindle And Cuddle
After making love, don’t just leave your partner on the bed or wherever you made love. Make it a habit that you’ll rekindle the romance you both have beyond having sex. Remind your partner of their importance to you and how thankful you are to them for giving themselves and their time to make love to you. It’s always great when your partner gives importance to you and the activity that you’re doing is rooted in love and pleasure-giving.

You can even cuddle your partner after sex even for a few minutes or it could go on for hours. Aftercare is important especially when you and your partner’s sex was really rough and hard, you should balance it with gentleness and cuddling is one of the best ways to give aftercare for your partner.

That’s 10 ways you can make making love in the middle of chaos more interesting for you and your partner. You don’t always have to stick to the old or usual ways of having sex, there are always ways to make it more exciting for both of you and you even have more time now because of the pandemic!

Open up your heart for intimacy and open up your legs for some feel-good pleasure you can receive from your partner! Enjoy trying out the things on our list, and who knows you might have something to look forward to the next time you make love!


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