Seven Ways to Know Your Hair Is Healthy


We all desire shiny, glossy, and healthy-looking hair. If your hair looks great, you will feel great.

Six Signs to Find If Your Hair Is Healthy or Not

Here are six ways to find whether your hair is healthy or not.

Minimal Hair Shedding

You should pay attention to your hair fall particularly while combing, check the bed after a good night’s sleep, or in the shower. It is natural if you have hair fall daily but it should not be excessive. it’s normal to lose 80 strands per day. If you have a normal amount of hair fall then your hair is healthy.

Smooth Texture

If you want to know whether your locks have a smooth texture, run your fingers through your hair. If it is not tangled or frizzy, then you have smooth hair. You should have a smooth or shiny texture in its natural state.

Mathew Gullin, a master hairstylist stated in INSIDER,  “Shiny hair is a result of spreading the natural oil from your scalp throughout the hair.”

Your Scalp Is Dandruff Free

It is a common sign that if your scalp is dandruff free, you have healthier hair. The white flakes can damage your hair. Your healthy scalp must have good pigment.

Have Minimal Breakage

Healthy hair will not fray or break. If your hair is constantly breaking that means your locks are lacking moisture and elasticity. Damaged hair may look lifeless, dull, and break easily.

Excellent Hair Elasticity

If your hair stretches without breaking, it is probably healthy. Erma Williams-Nurse,( licensed hairstylist) stated in INSIDER that, “If the hair can stretch to its full length with a comb or brush without snapping, that’s a good indication of healthy hair.” Hence your hair should have nice elasticity. You can check by taking a strand and stretching it slightly to see if it bounces back into place when you let it go. This means your locks have the best elasticity.

Your Hair Responds Well to Moisture

Healthy locks will stand up against humidity. You come to know the condition of your hair during humid weather.  Humid weather can tell about the hair condition.

Hair Looks Shiny

Shiny hair does not mean your hair needs to be drenched in oil. If you have healthy hair, it naturally has lots of shine. We are talking about hair shine. It should be smooth and shiny without any damage or dullness.

 Take care of your precious hair and eat healthy food.


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