Does True Love Exist? How to Create an Everlasting Relationship


These guidelines will help you start your journey towards an everlasting love.

Romantic relationships can be everlasting. For this to be possible, the partners must realize that their relationship is always a work-in-progress which requires a continued investment of love, time and effort from both. Couples that share an everlasting togetherness also tend to trust, respect, accept and show patience to their partner. They acknowledge that during their time together there will be times when either one will need to lift the other up. They take turns contributing more than the other towards keeping the relationship healthy and fun.

An everlasting relationship gives you security, hope, warmth and a sense of belonging. If you are looking to create everlasting love, then invest in sharing how you feel without being disrespectful, do not play mind games, and be patient. It is important to also recognise that all everlasting relationships go through relationship challenges, this is the most vulnerable time to break-up and end what is shared. It is important during these times to speak with non-judgemental individuals, to take time out to reflect, to avoid involving family members and to tell yourself that a strong relationship takes patience and effort and it is always worth all the effort. And comparisons with other couples can be detrimental because each union is unique and this uniqueness should be celebrated.

Think of your relationship like a cucumber. Cucumbers can be eaten raw however their taste can be enhanced by adding flavouring — which can be changed according to your preference. Treat your relationship like a cucumber, sprinkle it with different experiences to enhance it. Sharing different experiences and adventures will make your relationship closer and stronger.

Here are a few tips that you may like to consider towards creating an everlasting love:

Participate in activities that you can do as a couple. Something that neither has experienced. Learn something together or try a new activity at least once a year.
Learn a hobby of your partner’s interest and then create date nights around them.
Words of appreciation can seem empty if they are not backed up with actions. This is one investment which would go a long way, especially if the relationship goes through a challenging phase.
Do not insist on having things just your way. Be open to letting your partner do things in their way.
Absolutely avoid putting your partner down in front of family or friends. Make this a rule for both, irrespective of how upset you are.
Say these words often in the language of your choice — I love you, I appreciate you, Thank you. Let your partner know that you appreciate them.
Be respectful to each other’s family and friends. You do not have to spend time with them if you don’t like to but it’s always important to respect them.
When going through a difficult time, take time out to reflect and introspect vs. reacting or calling it quits. You know it takes years to build a relationship and less than a minute to break it. Be honest with yourself. Identify what you need to change about yourself in order to improve or bring the relationship back on track. It is great to have an opinion, but do not be obstinate: learn to ‘let go.’ Agree to disagree on some issues. Embrace open communication and avoid overthinking. Do not risk losing what you have built. It is important to understand that the initial euphoria and excitement of the relationship fades. It happens in all relationships, but don’t allow this ebbing of the initial thrill to kill the romance.

Follow these guidelines for start your journey towards an everlasting love. Good luck!


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