10 Healthy Foods For Glowing Skin


Eating bad foods has a negative impact on your skin. If you love eating and love healthy skin, then indulge yourself with these foods that have a lot of benefits. Here are the 10 healthy foods for glowing skin!

1. Kidney Beans Will Take Care Of Your Zits
Studies have shown lower zinc levels can cause blemishes. This is why kidney beans, which are high in zinc, are a great addition to any meal to help get rid of those unwanted zits. It is recommended to have about a 4oz serving to get the required amount of zinc for clear skin.

2. Fatty Fish Are Packed With The Essentials For Better Skin
Omega-3 fatty acids are very important for your skin and can be found in fish. They help keep your skin moisturized, can reduce inflammation, and can help protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Fatty fish are a great source of an important antioxidant, vitamin E, and are high in protein, which is needed for strong skin. Like kidney beans, fish is a great source of zinc. And if you have inflammatory or autoimmune conditions, such as lupus or psoriasis, fish oil can help in the fight.

3. Avocados For A Healthy Look
If u haven’t joined every other millennial in eating avocados, you may want to. Although high in fats, it’s the healthy fats that can help keep your skin flexible, moisturized, and supple. Avocados are a great source for vitamin E, vitamin C, and can help protect against UV rays. Vitamin C is so important for the skin as it is needed to create the main structural protein, collagen, which makes skin strong and look healthy.

4. Dark Chocolate For Glowing Skin
Yes, you shouldn’t feel guilty about indulging in some chocolate, because your helping your skin! If you eat dark chocolate that is high in antioxidants, it can help make your skin more hydrated, thicker, improves skin’s texture, less susceptible to sun damage, and increase the blood flow. The dark chocolate to reap these healthy benefits from should be at least 70% cocoa.

5. Green Tea To Reduce Redness
A daily drink of green tea can help to reduce skin redness, hydrate, and improve skin’s texture. Thanks to the antioxidants found in green tea, it will help protect your skin from aging and sun damage and improve your overall appearance.

6. Soy Can Even Out Your Skin Tone
Minerals and proteins that help reduce hyper-pigmentation are found in soy. It also consists of a plant compound that can improve the skins suppleness, wrinkles, and dryness. The plant compound, isoflavones, can help protect your skin from sun damage and prevent the development of some cancers. So, go drink one soy latte a day for a even skin tone and strong skin.

7. Walnuts For Softer Skin
As one of the highest sources on omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, walnuts will give your skin the health boost it deserves. Too much omega-6 can causes inflammation, but not enough is also bad. Walnut’s have the perfect ratio between omega-3 and omega-6 fats, so the omega-3 will keep the omega-6 side effects under control and in balance. Walnuts are also a source of zinc, which will help heal and fight open wounds and bacteria.

8. Sunflower Seeds To Brighten Up Your Look
Sunflower seeds can be one of the easiest ways to reach your daily required amount of antioxidants, proteins, and vitamin E, due to there high sources. Eating a handful of sunflower seeds a day will get make your skin thick, moisturized, protected against sun damage, and brightened up.

9. Bell Peppers Fight Wrinkles
Beta-carotene can protect against skin damage and improve the look of your skin. Bell peppers are an excellent source for this. Two cups of peppers chopped up contains your daily requirement of beta-carotene and vitamin C. Studies have shown those with higher levels of vitamin C have a lower chance of their skin becoming dry and wrinkled with age.

10. Red Wine For Youthful Skin
A glass of red wine today can help reduce the effects of aging on your skin tomorrow. Red wine contains resveratrol. Red wine can also reduce skin damage by lowering the amount of harmful free radicals, which can cause cell damage. Go have a glass of red wine once in awhile to slow down your skins aging and look youthful for a very long time.


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