Foods to avoid, to Stay Slim


Are you trying to lose weight and want a perfect figure so that you can flaunt your curves? We truly understand your pain of spending so many hours in the gym and still not being able to lose weight. You should know the gym alone is not enough to lose weight. You need to make changes in your daily routine and lifestyle to get maximum results. We bring you a list of foods which you should avoid if you want to lose your weight.

A)Avoid energy drinks

We all love energy drinks. Energy drinks have become popular these days and it is sometimes hard to avoid them. You can’t say no to these flavored energy drinks as it is hard for our tongue to resist these and we automatically crave for more. Actually, these energy drinks contain a lot of caffeine, which shockingly results in gaining weight instead of losing it. The best thing you can do for your body is to avoid them altogether. Avoiding these drinks will definitely help you in losing weight.

B)Give up cookies

‘Cookies’, the very word makes us slurp. We are deeply in love with them and we usually eat them while travelling or with tea or coffee. But, knowingly or unknowingly these cookies can become a hurdle in your weight loss journey. The sad part is that cookies increase your sugar level and the percentage of this sugar is enough to throw in some extra inches to your waist. It’s high time you give up your cookie love if you are keen to have a perfectly slim figure.

C)No more soybean oil

Soybean Oil is one of the most widely used oils in every household. The main reason for this could be that it makes your food delicious. But the shocking news is that soybean oil can be a hurdle in your weight loss plan. As revealed by fitness experts, soybean contains a large amount of Omega-6 fatty acids which are good for your health but add more fat in your body

D)Banish frozen foods

Frozen foods could be one of the best alternatives if you don’t have enough time to cook a whole meal. A pack of frozen foods can be easily stored and cooked as per our convenience. However, one should not make it a habit as they contain harmful preservatives like starch. Although frozen foods are marketed as healthy and nutritious, the fact is that they are high in calories and contribute to weight gain.

E)Say no low-fat foods

Low-fat foods are often loaded with sugar which prompts our body to store fat. If you are struggling to shed kilos, this can be done by simply eliminating low-fat foods and stick to the nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle and body. These foods might taste delightful but they are going to send your calories through the ceiling. The best option is to have these foods in moderation or better avoid them completely.


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