Qaffiya… In your opinion, what? Easy way to do it


We’ve all had moments where we wished we could read what others were thinking, pretending we were superheroes that could read minds. But what if we told you that you can actually read people just by observing their body language?

Despite the power of words, sometimes they can be translated differently with the wrong body movements or gestures. Yet, most of our body language is connected to our subconscious mind, and we find ourselves doing things that come out so naturally, we only realize it after doing it.

Here at Bright Side, we want to show you some tricks that will make you seem like a psychic.

1. Follow their eyes
Looking to the right and straight up signifies lying because it activates the imagination and left activity memories. But looking to the left and down while talking signifies that the speaker is either recollecting facts or gathering their thoughts.

2. If they’re nodding too much
Sometimes when we’re talking about something that the other person may not be fond of, they might begin to nod repeatedly and excessively. If someone doubts their ability to follow instructions, they nod way too much. That’s why you should pay attention and when it starts happening, slow down and try to say it in a different way.

3. They’re faking a smile
A lot of us complain about wrinkles that show up way too early. But what we didn’t know is wrinkles can actually tell you if the smile is genuine or not. This is because fake smiles aren’t contagious, therefore, your eyes won’t smile along with your lips.

4. They clench their jaw
A clenched jaw is a sign of stress. If you see them do this, it means they’re thinking about something stressful. In any case, whether they notice it or not, it happens subconsciously.

5. How to tell if their emotions are forced
Emotions are revealed in the expression on the face equally, so if one side of their face is more active than the other, they might be faking the emotion.

6. Pay attention to when they raise their hands
Raising the hand at its full length with a comfortable posture gives off a powerful, dominating aura. On the contrary, raising the hand under the head level indicates insecurity and shyness.

7. Keep an eye on their palms
There are a lot of hand gestures that can mean one thing or another. Among them are these 2. If your palms are facing upward, it means you’re suggesting or asking something. And if your palms are facing downward, it means you are ordering or demanding something.

8. Pay attention to their distance
Pay attention to how close a person stands to you to determine if they view you favorably. And if someone backs away when you move closer, it could be a sign that the connection is not mutual. Sometimes you can even tell what the relationship is between 2 people according to the distance between them.


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