Coronavirus Tips: Face mask fit protect you from Covid-19?


Plenty pipo no need face mask like di one inside dis video except say you sick or dey take care of sick person wey dem dey suspect say get coronavirus.

Coronavirus dey enter bodi through di mouth and nose. And pesin fit carry am give anoda by touching eyes, nose or mouth with our hands. E fit even be pesin wey dey inhale droplets directly for coronavirus carrier wey dey cough or sneeze.

Full explanation of Coronavirus – Everitin you need to know dey here
How to self-isolate to prevent di spread of Covid-19

So, face mask fit help reduce di spread from pipo wey get di virus fortimes wey you no fit distance your sef well well.

But e dey necessary if you neva catch di virus or if you dey take care of pesin wey dem suspect say e get di virus?


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