Why Should You Stop Eating Lunch at Your Desk


Are you a multi-tasker? While doing work you eat lunch? Nowadays eating lunch at your desk is a trend in office life. Though we know, it’s harmful to health yet we couldn’t ready to stop ourselves.

Believe me! It’s not a healthy practice. Due to work pressure, people grab lunch at their desk and you can see them eating a burger or sandwich while working. For their mindset- ‘it’s very convenient!’

It’s your responsibility to make your work-life balance. As you aware, we spend half of our life span at the job place.

Eating lunch at your desk may consume time and you feel that you can utilize that time to work tasks. So most of the professionals couldn’t hold themselves but to eat at their desk! As per the recent research, There are 80% of American workers happen to eat lunch at their desk.

Here Are Reasons Why Should You Stop Eating Lunch at Your Desk!

Distracted Eating

It’s better to avoid the “distracted eating” that will ruin your healthy diet and you end up forgetting how many bits you consume. This becomes America’s obesity problem. One or two days can be encouraged, not all day you should take lunch at your place. What it results? You start to stupid decision when it comes about food choices.‘Mindless eating’ is a dangerous thing, should be completely evaded.

Instead, take yourself to somewhere out, check out amazing food stall, sit nearby park and have lunch while watching nature and get some fresh air.

Can’t Get Away from Stress Level

Are you stressed out or working deadline haunts you?  What is it?

All you need to do is relax. It’s a must thing to provide some break to your mind. If you exercise eating lunch at your desk may increase your stress level.

Make your lunchtime fruitful. After eating lunch, step out and walk a few steps and put some melody tracks on! That is all. You are shorted out from this trauma.

Can’t Avoid Weight Gaining

Do you feel like you are overeating?

You may appreciate munching food by watching the screen, sending emails etc. you begin to eat excessively because your focus is on your task not at food. You happen to eating more and more. Focusless eating causes many health issues. One is you may grab unhealthy food and the second one is putting weight. You seated longer without any movement is also becomes a reason for gaining weight.

Instead of buying lunch from outside or online, assign a few minutes to cook food or carry lunch from home is an awesome thing, you can do for yourself.

It Ruins Your Better Performance

“Treat your mind with some tender care!

 Don’t your deadline

Strain your head!”

Non-stop indulges and continues participation destroy your best level of output at work. Don’t strain or squeeze your brain beyond its level. You need to allow your brain to be relaxed to perform better.

There is some work that requires brains to solve. At that moment, clear your mind and get some space from work. Giving some break to your mind is a must part while doing your task.

Your need to pause your work and let your mind should be relieved from continuous work.

You can have a healthy conversation with your colleagues to get some relaxation. Roam around or hang out with them in the nearby cafe and get yourself back with a fresh mind. Tada! You are good to go now!

Lackness in Socializing!

Eating lunch at your desk will ruin your bonding with colleagues. It allows you to stay away from depression. Getting along with co-workers makes you more productive than those who don’t. It is healthy to spend some time with them and stress-out from deadlines.

Instead of depressed with overwork, all you need to do is hang out with them at your break or chill at the cafe.

These are major issues that you can avoid as mentioned above. Get your work done, with no stress. Get up take your lunch walk outside, breathe the fresh air and eat well!


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