At Home Cardio Workouts


Regular exercise or physical activity is essential for maintaining cardiovascular health, as it ensures the heart is pumping blood to every part of the body efficiently. Sedentary lifestyle or long period of inactivity is a major contributor to chronic illnesses like heart disease. High blood pressure and obesity become worse if you have an inactive lifestyle.

A)Skipping Rope:

Jump rope workout is a fun and challenging way to get in your cardio.Jumping rope is a great calorie-burner. It helps to improve coordination and muscle strength.

B)Jumping Jacks:

Stand straight, with your legs together, back upright and arms to the sides of your body. Slightly bending your knees, jump into the air, with your legs landing shoulder-distance apart. A beginner can ideally start with about three sets of 10 jumping jacks. Gradually, try to do 25-30 reps at a stretch on a regular basis.

C)High Knees:

Running on the spot with the knees going as high as possible, high knees can be quite intense. If you are beginner, start with just 10 seconds of high knees. Gradually increase the duration 30 seconds to 1 minute of high knees.


It involves dropping down into a push-up position, springing back up to standing and leaping into the air-can cause even the most fit people to groan. A rapid body weight exercise combining various movements. Burpees are a classic example of compound exercises.

E)Mountain Climbers:

It is a raised plank position and moving alternate feet rapidly is known as mountain climbers.

F)Squat Jumps:

It is a usual squats with a twist – by jumping up every time you come up and landing softly in a squat.

Benefits of Cardio Exercises:

Here are some of the benefits of cardio exercises:

  • Regular cardio activity helps in regulating body weight by burning calories and improving the metabolism.
  • Regular low- to moderate-intensity activity helps maintain blood circulation to all major muscles in the body. This helps in ensuring muscle growth, and helps preserve the bones and joints of the body by strengthening them.
  • Regular exercise helps produce endorphins in the body. This helps battle feelings of negativity and keeps problems like stress at bay.
  • Those who exercise regularly have a lower mortality rate. Regular exercise helps to keep the heart functioning efficiently, strengthens the muscles and bones in the body and helps regulate body weight, which are all essential factors in leading a long, healthy life.


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