6 Mistakes that we are Making at the Gym

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All of us hit the gym to lose weight. We all have different styles to work out. Some of us stress on cardio, others on strength training and the rest on whatever their mood asks them to.There are ways in which we can burn calories faster at the gym. It also means that working out for hours on end in the gym isn’t going to get you anywhere.The right weight loss plan involves the right combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercises.
Here are some common mistakes we make in the gym without us realizing it:

Overdoing cardio

All of us have seen the positive effects of cardiovascular exercises and so we tend to think that the more cardio we do the slimmer we will get. But the fact is that you also need to combine strength training exercises to get the best results. You will lose more that way.

Depending on the elliptical for cardio

When we use the elliptical we tend to let the machine do most of the work. To get some benefit we need to turn up the intensity of the elliptical so that our body actually does some work.

Working out for too long hours

It is good to work out but then when the session becomes too long then we tend to over exert ourselves. Every person’s body has a limit. If we work out for long hours we get exhausted and tend to overeat and even lose the energy to do anything else for the rest of the day.

Drinking high calorie energy drinks

Drink water instead of these high calories energy drinks in the market. These energy drinks are full of sugar and if you drink them before or after a workout you will be filling your body with unwanted sugars which in turn lead to the accumulation of hard to melt fat in the body.

Depending too much on exercise machines

Our body responds better when we exercise in the freestyle form rather than the exercise machines. So instead of using the bench press, opt to do the same using a pair of dumbbells.

Exercising at a leisurely pace

Don’t just exercise for the heck of exercising. Drive yourself and push yourself to do exercises that make you exert yourself more than you think yourself capable of.

So if you feel that you are not progressing anywhere in your weight loss by going to the gym maybe you have been making the above mentioned mistakes. Go ahead and correct these mistakes and feel lighter.


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