What is body sculpting?


Body sculpting techniques, sometimes referred to as fat sculpting, reduce belly and abdominal fat, particularly fat gained after pregnancy. They can also be used to raise the buttocks and contour the arms and thighs.

Our Lynton HIFU body sculpt machine’s cutting-edge technology is used in our non-invasive, non-surgical HIFU body sculpting procedure to reduce fat and contour the body. In order to improve the overall appearance of your skin, it is also incredibly efficient at toning, firming, and tightening skin as well as smoothing out uneven skin texture and minimizing cellulite.

So, if you’re searching for a non-surgical stomach tuck, our HIFU body sculpting treatment offers you all the advantages of a tummy tuck using a gentle, non-invasive procedure to get your body bikini beach-ready! It also reduces fat!

Is body sculpting effective?
If non-surgical body contouring is effective, what kind of outcomes may one expect?
Our HIFU body sculpting procedure works incredibly well; noticeable improvements appear gradually over time, giving the appearance of far more natural weight loss.

It targets your subcutaneous fat layers with concentrated, high-intensity ultrasound energy, irreversibly dissolving the targeted fat cell walls as they are flushed and reabsorbed from the body.

Advantages of non-surgical HIFU fat reduction vs surgery
Advantages of HIFU non-surgical fat reduction over liposuction and surgery
Complications with surgical body contouring operations including liposuction include the possibility of blood clots from the procedure, infections, and scars from the surgery. Compared to these more conventional weight loss techniques, our non-invasive HIFU body sculpture therapy has numerous advantages, such as:

No anesthetic is necessary.
minimal downtime and non-invasive
Not a scar from the procedure
safer with fewer, less severe adverse effects
tightens and firms loose skin
enhances the texture and suppleness of skin
decrease of cellulite


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