Wonderful Benefits of Papaya Leaf


Papaya is a multipurpose fruit , nature has not just blessed us with this tropical fruit but also endowed the entire plant with umpteen medicinal properties.

The leaves of papaya grow on hollow stems at the very top of the tree. Each leaf contains a white, milky latex liquid which emits when torn. Papaya leaves are crisp, have a fresh, green flavor, and can be extremely bitter, depending on maturity.

Let’s see the benefits of papaya leaf:

  • The combination of papain and other compounds present in papaya leaves help in effective digestion of essential proteins which cure digestive disorders. It also helps in treating gastric ulcer and oxidative stress on the stomach.
  • Dengue leads to decrease in the platelet count in our blood, can be miraculously treated with papaya leaf juice. Have 25 ml of papaya leaf juice in water twice a day which helps your body to generate platelets.
  • Hair problems such as dandruff, hair fall, scalp allergies, premature greying and hair thinning can be treated by applying concentrated papaya leaf extract on scalp.This juice also gives a beautiful sheen to your hair and also acts as a conditioner.
  • Papaya leaf juice also has anti-cancerous properties. The compound ancetogenin, and enzymes present in the leaves help to combat different types of cancer.
  • Papaya leaf juice helps to reduce menstrual cramps and regulates the menstrual cycle by balancing hormonal changes.
  • Papaya leaf juice improves insulin sensitivity responsible for blood sugar levels. It’s antioxidant nature helps in reducing complications such as kidney damage, fatty liver and oxidative stress caused by diabetes.
  • Papaya leaf juice helps to cure skin ageing and provides a radiant skin.


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