What are the symptoms of excess bile in the body… How can we reduce bile?


Vada, Pitta and Kapha should be balanced in the body. An excess of any of these can cause some other physical harm. In particular, care should be taken not to increase bile. Let’s see what we can do about it.

Bile should be balanced in the body. Bile has the qualities of water and fire. It helps the digestive system of the body to function properly.

It is very important to keep the bile in balance. The immune system and digestive system function better when bile is balanced. Our diet and proper diet is very important for that.

Bile in the body helps regulate the digestive system and metabolism.

Bile also governs intestinal and stomach related problems.

When there is excess bile in the body,
skin irritation,
Itchy skin,
excessive sweating,
Excessive thirst

These symptoms will occur. Understand that even though these problems are symptoms of other diseases, they are caused by an imbalance of bile in the body.

Balanced Diet
It is very important that our diet is a balanced diet rich in all types of nutrients. Especially, it is good to arrange our diet according to Ayurvedic system.

Ayurveda says that taking bitter foods and sweet foods will reduce the amount of bile in the body.

Apples, grapes, zucchini, lettuce, cucumber, beans, coconut, watermelon, milk are foods that help balance the bile in our body.

When trying to reduce bile, you should definitely cut back on alcohol intake. Similarly, don’t take too much coffee and meat.

Fried foods, oily foods, salty foods, salty and sour foods should not be taken in excess.

Lemon juice, coriander leaves, anise and fenugreek have a slightly salty taste. So it is better to add such foods without adding too much salt.

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Relax between work
People who have excess bile in their body are always focused on their work without any other thought. Always highly motivated and spend most of their day on work.

People with this condition, especially those who work on computers, need to stay away from the screen for a while and take small breaks from time to time. It reduces excess bile in the body and calms the mind.

Forget work from time to time and learn to enjoy the colorful nature around. Listen to music. Spend some time on other favorite things. Calm down and calm your mind.

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It is very difficult to balance the pitta of the body by doing yogasanas during daytime. So doing asanas in the early morning and late evening will give complete results.

It is better to practice yoga when the weather is not hot. Asana is best done in the cool evening. Certain asanas help balance the bile in the body.

Especially, if you do the asanas like child’s pose, maryaryasana and pujangasanam, the bile in the body will be balanced.


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