Starving Thin Guy Choosing Healthy Eating



A large number of couples are embracing IVF (in vitro fertilization) as a means to conceiving babies when there are some physiological or psychological factors that are inhibiting the natural process of childbirth.

While the female partner and her health are crucial as she would be providing the healthy eggs, yet too often the role and importance of the male partner are ignored. Equal participation from both partners would help in boosting the chances for your IVF treatment.

IVF can’t be labeled a fertility treatment only for men because it requires equal contribution from both partners. But the male partner should follow specific IVF preparation tips for male partners so that the chances of success are higher.

These specialized tips are easy to follow and can be integrated into your daily routine, allowing a greater chance of success for your IVF treatment. Take a look at these expert tips for husbands-

Watch Your Food and Drink- We generally tend to ignore the fact that the quality of our daily meals can have an impact on your reproductive health as well. But it is scientifically established that what you eat affects sperm count as well as sperm delivery. Therefore it is important to consult your doctor at least 3 months before the planned IVF treatment and get a suggested diet chart that can help improve your male fertility.

Focus on Proteins– Protein is considered to be a superfood and can be extremely beneficial for improving your overall health as well as the quality of your sperm.

This will ensure that on the day your IVF procedure commences, you will be able to provide the best sample possible. Primarily, a non-vegetarian diet that consists of lean cuts and lots of eggs and chicken should be your best choice.

Control Your Alcohol Intake- If you are able to abstain from alcohol for at least three months before the planned IVF procedure that would be one of the recommended ways to help the process along. But your social circle and work environment might not allow you to stay completely away without sounding impolite. So try to drink in moderation, if at all the need arises.

Quit Smoking- There are a number of scientific studies and evidence that prove the harmful impact of smoking on all aspects of the human body. But its effects on your reproductive health are the worst and usually irreversible. While quitting smoking before your procedure might be too little too late, yet every little effort counts. So if you are really able to kick the habit, do so by all means.

Keep your Testes Cool- The more amount of testosterone you produce, the better the quality of the sperm sample you would provide for the IVF would be, and that would improve your chances of getting a healthy baby. This is achieved by keeping your testicles in the right ambiance. Try not to wear tight clothes in the lower half of your body.

IVF has gained popularity in leaps and bounds for reducing conception related stresses in both the partners and allowing families to have healthy babies easily. A couple should do adequate research to find out the scientific facts about the process, and understand their chances of success.

Both partners need to maintain a healthy lifestyle before the initiation of the process. A large number of clinics offer this life-changing procedure however each one of them would have different costs and quality of treatment. A couple interested in undergoing IVF should conduct thorough research about the packages, experience, and credibility of each treatment center and then make a decision based on individual requirements.


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