Here are some ways to deal with dark circles


People who care about the face do not care about the lips. Lip care is not for beauty. Know your health. Your lip has a lot to do with the spleen in the body. Acupuncture says that the spleen is what gives the body immunity. If the spleen is weak the lip may be black. Acupuncture medicine also says that it is better to drink water with the lips and mouth. No need to throw away water and drink. It is the lip that makes the body realize that it needs enough water. Therefore, the habit of drinking with the mouth is good. Many experts recommend that you soak your lips in water and drink it with your mouth to signal that the body has enough water. Look at the lips of those who often suffer from colds and flu. People who do not drink much water should look at their lips. Darker lips are better if you have foods that give you immunity.

What does it mean if the lip is black?
Genetic cause Anemia Excessive coffee and tea drinking Eating disorder Lip make-up not properly removed Lack of adequate hydration Allergy Toothpaste Allergy Allergy to chemicals like Aluminum, Copper, Mercury Effect of sun exposure Vitamin deficiency Caused by Drugs Hormonal problem Be indifferent to what black is on the lips. Many health problems may disappear after a black lip. Check it out and get their health fixed.

Nutritious foods to get rid of dark circles on the lips
Daily adherence Pomegranate Grapes Citrus fruits with vitamin C 2-3 liters of water Water whey Juicy greens Foods Greens Juices

Dark Removal Natural Scrub
It is good to do lip scrub 3 days a week. Sprinkle lightly with white sugar. I.e. there should be no sugar particles. Like that. Add coffee powder with this. Apply this on the lips and massage. At least 5 minutes. Then wash off and apply coconut oil. You can also scrub with itli flour and dosa flour. Mix fermented spinach juice, lemon juice and powdered sugar. Let’s scrub with this.

Lip balm, before buying lipstick ..
Petroleum jelly is not good for the lips. Choose lip balm mixed with coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, cactus and avocado. It is better to avoid dark colors. Good quality, chemical free lipstick, lip balm can be used. Use nude lipstick with as light a color as possible. When at home, you can use coconut oil, ghee and lip balm. Use a colorless lip balm. Liquid lipstick will dry your lips. So avoid as much as possible. Or you can use a liquid lipstick after applying the lip balm. Before going to bed at night, it is better to remove the lip makeup and just apply coconut oil and sleep.

Oil remedies
Ghee, coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil. All of these are good for the lip. Apply it on the lips during the day and at night.

Lemon Remedies
Mix a spoon of honey with a spoon of lemon juice, apply on the lips and wash off after 20 minutes.

Cactus gel
Apply aloe vera gel on the lips at night. Wash off the next day. You will get the benefit if you keep doing it.

Juice remedies
Cucumber juice, beetroot juice, carrot juice, pomegranate juice and coriander juice can be applied regularly on the lips to get the effect quickly.


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