Warm and Bright: Create an Inviting Deck or Patio


Create a Warm Glow

The sun may set earlier in the fall, but your patio doesn’t have to shut down when it gets dark. Use sleek garden torches to light up evening gatherings with the same irresistible flickering light produced by the fire pit. Adirondack chairs give off a warm glow of their own, as do white and gold chrysanthemums.

Fire Up the Fun

Patio season doesn’t have to end when leaves and temperatures start falling — as long as you equip your backyard gathering spot to handle chilly weather. This gas fire column burns liquid propane fuel to provide warmth and real flames at the center of a patio seating area. The stone-look design looks great on patios made of bricks or pavers, and you can use the open flames to toast marshmallows. Find the fire pit option that suits your outdoor space.

Solar Beacon

Tap the look and power of a parabolic light by hooking solar LED jar lights to the inside of a galvanized oval tub. Then hang the tub on a fence, wall, or gate. Recharge the jar lights in a sunny spot in the tub or remove them and replace them at night.

Instant Table

No waiting for this serving table. Set one patio stone on the ground to make a base. Use polyurethane construction adhesive to secure a square concrete block centered on the base to serve as a pedestal. Adhere another patio stone to the concrete block for the top.

Stack the Deck

Delight in your deck throughout the fall. Create a cozy gathering spot in one corner by placing a DIY dining set under an easy-to-assemble pergola. First, brighten your deck or patio by giving it a good cleaning, staining, and sealing.

DIY Dining Set

Use stock lumber to build a beautiful and budget-friendly outdoor dining set.

Glowing Globes

Make festive globe lights to hang from a pergola by joining two hanging baskets into a ball shape. Then wrap with string lights.

Solar Planter Light

Use dowels to make long stakes for solar path lights. Then stick the lights in a planter.


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