The Meaning behind Different Type of Cough


An underlying medical condition can cause a different type of cough. Cough is a natural way to expel fluid and foreign bodies from the lungs. Cough is also an instant reaction to irritation of the respiratory system such as tickle in the throat. Wet cough from a flu infection is different from the dry cough from the dirty room. You can make natural cough syrup candies to treat all symptoms of cough. Here are the type of cough and ways to recognize them to know what it means.

Dry Cough

It doesn’t bring up mucus. You will feel a tickle in the throat that triggers the coughing action. Dry coughs are often difficult to manage and they are present a long time. They normally occur due to irritation and inflammation in the respiratory track with absolutely no excess mucus to cough. This type of cough is caused by upper respiratory infections and it is common in children and adults.

Wet Cough

Termed as a productive cough, this type of cough typically brings u mucus. This type of cough is commonly caused by a cold of the flu. Common symptoms of we cough include runny nose, fatigue, fever, postnasal drip. Wet cough tries to push our mucus out of your respiratory system. If you have a wet cough, you will feel that something is stuck or dripping at the back of your throat. Chronic wet cough lasts for less than 3 weeks.

Croup Cough

This type of cough is common for children and toddlers. This is caused by a viral infection and the upper airway becomes swollen and irritated. Young children below ages 5 have narrower airways and swelling narrows it down leading to breathing difficulties. Croup cough sounds like barking due to the swelling in and around the voice box. Children may struggle to breathe, make high-pitched noises during inhalation.

Paroxysmal Cough

This type of cough is followed by intermittent attacks of violent, uncontrollable coughing. Paroxysmal cough is extremely painful and exhausting. People struggle to breathe and sometimes vomit. This type of cough is often caused by a bacterial infection. During this type of cough attack, lungs release all the air they have causing people to inhale violently with a “whoop” sound.

COVID-19 and Type of Cough

A dry cough is the symptom of COVID-19 which includes fever and shortness of breath. If you are sick with fever and dry cough, you need to follow the recommendations suggested by the CDC.

Know how to protect yourself from coronavirus and seek COVID-19 medical attention in case of severe issues. If you have trouble breathing, you need to contact a medical emergency immediately. Heaviness in the chest, bluish lips is few other symptoms of coronavirus that need immediate advice.


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