Does JACKFRUIT have a Nutritional Profile?


Jackfruit is a one of a kind tropical natural product that has expanded in prominence lately. It has an unmistakable sweet flavor and can be utilized to make a wide assortment of dishes. It’s likewise exceptionally nutritious and may have a few medical advantages. Jackfruit is a colorful natural product developed in tropical locales of the world. It is local to South India. It is a piece of the Moraceae plant family, which additionally incorporates fig, mulberry and breadfruit. Jackfruit has a spiky external skin and is green or yellow in shading. One remarkable part of jackfruit is its strangely substantial size. It is the biggest tree organic product on the planet and can reach up to 80 pounds (35 kg) in weight. Since jackfruit can withstand tropical atmospheres, it can be a noteworthy wellspring of calories and carbs for individuals in creating nations who are in danger of starvation.

Nutritious Jackfruit benefits you need to know….

What makes jackfruit remarkable from other fruits is its protein content. It gives in excess of 3 grams of protein for each glass, contrasted with 0– 1 gram in other comparative kinds of organic product, for example, apples and mangoes. Do you realize that jackfruit is stuffed with supplements of goodness?

155 Calories, 40 gram Carbs, 3gram Protein, Fiber 3 gram, Vit A 10%, Vit C 18%, Magnesium 15%, Potassium 14%, riboflavin 11%, Manganese 16% and Copper 15% of RDI.

Not just over this amazing fruit is quite healthy with antioxidant benefits.

So, what are its Benefits?

  1. Among the health properties, jackfruit helps with blood sugar management or called “Diabetes”.
  2. The antioxidant content in jackfruit helps you protect from several diseases such as lower blood pressure, controls cholesterol level, controls other chronic diseases like cancer and heart disorders.
  3. The jackfruits extracts like root and seeds are used as traditional medicine to cure issues like asthma, diarrhea, and stomach ulcer.
  4. The Vitamin C and D content in jackfruit control the risk of viral infections. It also improves the skin tone reducing the aging process.


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