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Squirrels are energetic and fun-loving animals that rarely stop moving. They’re always on the move and looking for new food and new ways to have fun. That’s why the squirrel’s symbolism is telling you to enjoy your life more and have more energy.

When a squirrel spirit animal comes to your life, then it’s showing you to have more fun and take life less seriously. However, these animals have their lives planned thoroughly and they leave nothing to chance. They’re symbolic of preparation.

While it’s good to have fun and enjoy life more, it’s also important to keep a balance between your seriousness and your fun character. That’s how squirrels are able to survive in nature, where they have so many natural predators. The squirrel spirit animal can act as your guide through difficult times when you’re facing a sad period in your life.

Squirrel Symbolism
What does squirrel symbolism tell you?

1. Fun
One of the main meanings of the squirrel is to show you how to have more fun in your life and enjoy it (Monkeys also fit into this fun symbolism). This way, you can have a lust for life even when you get slightly depressed.

Squirrels are highly social animals and they like to play around with each other a lot. They’ll forage fruits of nature and store them for tougher times. But some scientists have examined the role of play in a young squirrel’s life. Not only is it good for their social development, but it also helps them develop meaningful skills that will help them survive later in life.

So they’re not playing for the sake of it, but there’s always an underlying reason for them playing. This behavior actually helps them survive in the wild and develop skills that they’ll need later in life.

2. Balance
As in everything in life, there’s a balance to their playful behavior. As examined above, they will use the skills squirrels learn by playing to survive. But they’ll also spend a lot of time preparing, which helps them get over tougher periods in the year.

Before the winter starts, squirrels will start collecting as much food as possible and store it in hidden places. And when there’s scarcity during the winter, they’ll use these hidden stores and consume them.

This squirrel symbolism tells you to take a balanced approach to life. You should be serious when you need to, but you should not forget to have fun when you can afford to.

3. Preparation
Squirrels also represent preparation. During the summer and autumn, they will spend most of their time preparing for the winter. This means they have to do some housework, which includes repairing and preparing their “homes” for a harsh winter.

But more importantly, they’ll collect food and store it when it’s scarce. This symbolic meaning of the squirrel is showing you that you should not do serious tasks without preparation. They’ll spend their entire year preparing for winter, so they put a lot of emphasis on preparation, which gives them an edge over other animals.

4. Energy
The squirrel spirit animal helps you find some energy when it seems as though it’s been drained from you completely. These animals will rarely stop moving, as they dash around and hop on and off trees. And this symbolic meaning is also supported by their playful behavior, which can be observed almost constantly.

They’ll still expend their energy wisely, though. A squirrel’s energy levels are highest during fall, which is when they need a lot of it in order to prepare. If you encounter a squirrel in the autumn, then you’ll be blessed with its energy and get the belief that you can do anything.

5. Socialization
Squirrels are some of the most social animals in the world. They’ll keep playing with each other for decent chunks of time during the day. They’ll play hide and seek, and they’ll also play as if they’re fighting – although those fights are never serious.

To them, the notion of socialization is extremely important. They’ll form groups, or rather, families, and create homes for themselves where they’ll hide. During the autumn when they prepare for winter, every member of the family will try and contribute to the goods they’ve already collected.

If you have the squirrel spirit animal, then it’s telling you to enjoy your social life more and find more connections than you currently have.

6. Resourcefulness
Squirrel symbolism teaches you to be resourceful and to find your bearings even when you find it tough. They’re one of the smaller species in their habitat, so they often use their cunning skills to get away from potential predators and hide.

They’ll also scramble everything they can find and collect it. Squirrels are able to use their surroundings and take advantage of everything they can find. They’re highly symbolic of “working with what you have”, which is a mindset that can help you start new and better things from your current situation with whatever you have at your disposal.

White Squirrel Symbolism
Have you recently encountered a white squirrel and you’re wondering what the white squirrel symbolism is? Then you’re in luck because the white squirrel population is extremely scarce.

They’re present in North America and especially Canada. This species is created by a genetic anomaly called leucism, which is another term for reduced pigmentation. This is different from albinism.

Here are some meanings of the white squirrel.

Rarity. There’s a small chance you’ll find this animal in the wild, because the majority of the squirrel population has different colors – prevalently, brown.
Good Luck. White squirrels can be symbolic of good luck, especially because they’re so rare that you’re unlikely to find them. But when you do, they might symbolize good luck to you in the future.

Peace. This type of squirrel is also symbolic of peace. That’s partly because of its white color, but also because of its peaceful character.

Exposure. White squirrels are much more vulnerable because of their white color. They’re easier to be seen by predators, so they need to be extra careful and cautious as they wander around nature. They can symbolize exposure, telling you to get out more and show your true character.

Squirrel Spirit Animal
If you have the squirrel spirit animal, then your motto should be “always be prepared”. Because this spirit animal tells you to leave nothing to chance and prepare yourself when you’re going through the good times because bad times might be just around the corner.

The squirrel spirit animal also encourages you to take things more lightly and have more fun in your life. This will help you lighten up your load and make sure you take your mind off of serious matters. But at the same time, you should be mindful of the serious things in your life, and not neglect them when you need to make sure that you survive comfortably.

This spirit animal also symbolizes energy and shows you how to go through your life with much-needed energy. However, this can also be a double-edged sword, because having too much energy on some occasions might actually hurt you. On extreme occasions, this spirit animal might even represent hyperactivity.

Squirrel Totem Animal
Those with the squirrel totem animal know how to have fun and relax when they feel the heft of life bear down on their shoulders. They’re not afraid to do things they like to do and don’t care what others think about them as they do these things.

People with the squirrel totem animal are also very resourceful and know how to get what they want in life. They’re perfectly capable of using their surroundings and what they have in order to achieve the things they’re looking to do.

If you’re born with the squirrel totem animal, you’re also highly energetic and curious about the things around you.

Squirrel Dreams
The presence of a squirrel in your dreams is a positive sign that you’re heading into a period of abundance. Even though such a dream might feel superficial at first, it can actually have some profound meanings.

Seeing a squirrel means that you’re about to have some good luck in your life and that you’re about to hit a period of abundance.
Seeing a group of squirrels means that you thrive to have closer connections with other people and that you want to meet other people who will share your interests.
If you see a squirrel playing in your dreams, then you are missing this behavior in your life. It tells you to have more fun and not be afraid to show your true character.
If you see a squirrel collecting acorns in dreams, it means that you should start preparing for an important event in your life.


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