Regular Washing Taking Away The Moisture From Your Hands? Here Are 5 Ways To Beat Dry Skin

Hand sanitizer usage and hand washing are major topics on the internet these days. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, practically all celebrities and influencers are sharing videos on social media explaining how important it is to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water in order to stop the transmission of germs. By cleaning our hands and using alcohol-based hand sanitizers to stave off the virus, we also expose ourselves to a number of dry skin problems. Without further ado, try these five cures for dry hands while avoiding social situations.

Lotions, Hand Creams & Ointments

Skin conditioners include moisturizers, ointments, and lotions. While ointments are mostly made of oil, moisturizers are a combination of both. Lotions are more water-based. Hand treatments designed specifically for dry and cracked skin are your best option. However, bear in mind that greasy or oily hands will render alcohol-based hand sanitizers ineffective. Thus, make sure the hand lotion has penetrated the skin completely before using the hand sanitizer.

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Choose a Tube Over a Tub

Hand cream in tubes is always preferable to those kept in tubs if you have the option. By doing this, as opposed to dipping your fingers into a tub, you can prevent contaminating the contents. It is better not to take any risks, no matter how small, at this point in time. Moreover, utilizing a tube would allow you to measure out precisely how much hand cream is needed, as opposed to putting your hands into a tub to grease them. If your hand cream comes in a tub, you can pour it into a squeeze bottle that is travel-sized.

Home Remedies To The Rescue

You have plenty of time to indulge yourself while you’re at home. To combat the dryness, your best option is nani maa ke nuskhe. Lemon juice, yogurt, honey, and coconut oil are a few natural treatments for dry skin. These components will all assist in retaining the moisture in your hands. We’re betting that once you give these natural cures for dry, cracked hands a try, you’ll use them more frequently.

Hand Masks

Did you realize that someone can tell how old you are simply by glancing at your hands? Naturally, having wrinkled hands is not acceptable. You’re completely wrong if you believe that a simple mani-pedi will solve this problem. Consider hand masks as your hands’ skin-saving miracles. Though they may not be as well-known as face masks, hand masks are nonetheless amazing since they moisturize your hands and keep them nourished, smooth, and silky.

Wash & Moisturize When Important

You don’t need to wash your hands every now and then when you’re practicing social distancing at home. Give your skin a vacation and wash your hands maybe once every two to three hours. It’s crucial to balance this exercise rather than giving it your all. If you have been around someone who is ill or have been in any public setting, wash your hands more frequently.

For many of us, investing in skin care equals investing in facial care with our hard-earned money. You know the drill: sheet masks, moisturizing essence, etc. However, we frequently disregard the skin on our hands. Instead of freaking out during this testing period, keep safe indoors and take advantage of the opportunity to give your hands some much-needed attention.


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