5 Ways to Improve Sexual Relationship beyond Bedroom


The best sexual relationships are those that go beyond the bedroom. You’ll find that more often than not, a couple’s sex improves or worsens based on things that happen outside the sexual act. This is why if you want to improve your sexual relationship – you have to engage the emotions. Here are 5 ways to improve sexual relationships on a more fundamental level.

1. Reminisce Good Times
Talk about your most wonderful, memorable, and playful moments together as a couple. Your first date or your first dance, your favorite music, or that time when you went on a vacation and had the time of your life. Find the time to look back and think about all the good times you’ve had in the past and allow yourself to look forward to the future. Couples sometimes forget how good the relationship was so it makes sense to remind yourselves every now and then about how you’ve shown your love for each other over the years.

2. Find the Right Time to Talk
Couples who have kids or are too busy with work may be too tired at the end of the day to just enjoy each other’s company. This is why it’s usually a good idea to have those date nights and couple vacations. Sometimes, it doesn’t even have to be a ‘date’ but rather, just a quiet moment when the two of you can be alone to really talk and communicate with each other. Don’t ‘talk’ just because you have an issue that needs to be dealt with. Instead, find the time to communicate with each other in order to update your partner about what’s happening with your life, what you’re feeling, and what they’re feeling too. Remember: you’re sharing your life with each other, so it’s important to touch base often.

3. Learn New Things Together
Relationships that don’t move forward tend to die down – so don’t let it become stagnant! Learn new things with your partner or have an activity that you both enjoy. It can be a weekly puzzle, a movie night, karaoke, tango, or even just a nightly game of chess! Constantly find new activities that you can do and enjoy together to bring you closer!

4. Avoid Criticizing
Criticism can be a good thing in relationships. After all – a relationship without honesty dies a quick and painful death. However, constant criticisms can also kill a relationship. Instead, you should learn which battles to pursue and which ones to give up. Small things like squeezing the toothpaste bottle from the middle aren’t worth fighting about. Try not to nag or criticize every single action and instead remind yourself that these little quirks are part of the person you love.

5. Walk the Talk
Lastly – introduce happy surprises to your partner every now and then to show them affection. Don’t just tell your partner you love them – show it with simple acts.
It is tremendously important to keep the fun, excitement, and newness alive!!! With experience, relationships should get more interesting rather that it getting boring and more compromised which is how a lot of people deal with their relationships. But remember, it all starts with your willingness. Be willing to do more and trust me, the fun and energy can move many barriers and start creating miracles in other areas of your life too.


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