How to Deal with Coronavirus and Diabetes?


Health officials warn about the risk of coronavirus and diabetes. Coronavirus is likely to affect people with underlying health conditions and those with diabetes should we aware of the risks of COVID-19.

While CDC says the risk of exposure is currently low, the number of cases across the world is likely to grow and everyone should be prepared to protect yourself. From making DIY face covers, to stay physically active during self-quarantine, we’ve got you covered.

Risk of Coronavirus and Diabetes

China experienced the initial and massive outbreak of fo COVID-19. According to their reports,

  • People with diabetes were mostly affected by the coronavirus.
  • Diabetic patients developed the most serious symptoms and cases of coronavirus.

People with diabetes and high blood sugar have a poor immune response. High uncontrolled sugar levels can raise the risk of any infections related to COVID-19.

Coronavirus and Diabetes Type 1 and 2

Type 1 Diabetes – The immune system attacks the cells in the pancreas that secrete insulin. In this case, you’ll need to take insulin every day.

Type 2 Diabetes – The body doesn’t make appropriate use of the insulin it has.

The Immune Response of Diabetic Patients

Hyperglycemia in diabetics can cause dysfunction of the immune system which can allow pathogens and viruses to affect diabetic patients easily. Studies also prove that some diabetic patients might damage their circulatory system which can slow down the healing effects. If diabetic patients are experiencing inflammation related to uncontrolled blood sugar levels, the patients can experience delayed healing. It leaves their body vulnerable and can slow down the immune response to new virus threats.

COVID-19 Precautions for People with Diabetes

The best precaution method for coronavirus and diabetes is to test blood sugar levels regularly. It is also important to stock up medical supplies and insulin for a few weeks. Ensure you have enough medicines available to manage your diabetes during this COVID-19 outbreak.

Insulin, Sugar Levels, and Quarantine

If you are using insulin, you need to have proper supply to maintain healthy sugar levels. If you are in quarantine or planning to, it is a smart decision to arrange your insulin refills for the next few weeks. Also, talk to your healthcare provider in case of any discomfort or differences in the sugar level.

Coronavirus and Social Distancing for Diabetic Patients

Since you are prone to infection spread, you need to practice social distancing at this time. You need to leave the house only if it is absolutely necessary. Maintain a distance of about six feet between you and the next person. The virus can easily spread through infected surfaces and droplets from infected people. Wear a mask or cover your face when you leave your house.

Finally, Don’t Panic

The situation may look shocking and alarming but panicking won’t change anything. Maintain hygiene and follow your diabetes management routine without fail. If you are at home, try yoga for diabetes and fight mental stress to stay calm and safe.


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