Can children encounter high blood pressure?


We have been often told that high blood pressure is a condition of the old.
However, it is an indisputable fact that today’s youth are also susceptible to it. The main causes of children’s high blood pressure nowadays are their poor diets and sedentary lifestyles. Blood rushes through the vessels as a result of this complaint, eventually resulting in a stroke or heart arrest. This article serves as a warning to all parents: assist your child in overcoming the risks associated with hypertension.

What might be the cause?

Well, here we can segregate the causes into two sections.

1) The primary reasons include obesity, hormonal imbalance, and genetic factors

2) Secondary hypertension is usually caused by an undisclosed disease that has been secretly ruining the health condition of your kid. Kidney diseases, hyperthyroidism, and cardiac disorders could raise your kid’s blood pressure levels.

How to find if your kid has hypertension?

The illness is frequently disregarded and doesn’t seem to be evident until it interferes with daily living. Taking your children to have their blood pressure taken is not a routine procedure. However, it is advised that a routine examination be carried out in order to rule out any ailments for which the patient has previously received a diagnosis, such as renal or thyroid issues.

It is the same method by which adults are tested.

Prevention & Cure

The proverb “Prevention is better than cure” is applicable in this situation as well. Kids are typically glued to their devices, such as Xboxes and laptops. Even if it could seem enjoyable, there’s a good chance that their health will decline at the same time. Encouraging physical activity and teaching healthy eating practices will help prevent your child from developing hypertension.

Regarding treatment, physicians may advise obtaining an echo, ultrasound, or urine test to identify any underlying issues. When these conditions are medicated, blood pressure naturally falls into the lower belt. Furthermore, an active lifestyle naturally does the job, as already said.



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