Can children encounter high blood pressure?


We have been often told that high blood pressure is a condition of the old. But, it is an undeniable truth that the kids of today are prone to it as well. Today’s sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy dietary intakes are the major reasons for elevated blood pressure levels in children. This complaint causes the blood to rush through the vessels ultimately leading to a heart arrest or stroke. This write-up is a heads up to all the parents out there to help your child to get over the risks of hypertension.

What might be the cause?

Well, here we can segregate the causes into two sections.

1) The primary reasons include obesity, hormonal imbalance, and genetic factors

2) Secondary hypertension is usually caused by an undisclosed disease that has been secretly ruining the health condition of your kid. Kidney diseases, hyperthyroidism, and cardiac disorders could raise your kid’s blood pressure levels.

How to find if your kid has hypertension?

The condition is often ignored and is appears unrevealed until it disrupts regular life. It is not something usual to take your kids to get a blood pressure done. But, when he/she was previously diagnosed with any of the diseases such as kidney or thyroid problems, then it is recommended that a routine checkup is done in order to avoid future risks. It is the same method by which adults are tested with.

Prevention & Cure

The age-old “Prevention is better than cure” comes real in this case too. Kids are often stuck to gadgets, laptops, and Xboxes. While this may seem fun, there are high risks that their health aspect is getting deteriorated simultaneously. By encouraging physical exercises along with teaching proper eating habits will ensure your kid doesn’t fall into the trap of hypertension.

As far as the cure is concerned, doctors might suggest getting a urine test, ultrasound or an echo to detect any underlying conditions. By treating these issues with medication, blood pressure automatically comes into the lower belt. Moreover, as said earlier, an active lifestyle does the work naturally.


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