Why Hair Fall In Rainy Season



Hair fall during monsoon is a common problem faced by almost everyone. Due to excess humidity in the air your hair tend to become limp, brittle and as a result you start losing clumps of them.


The damp moist weather during monsoon provides an ideal situation for dandruff to grow. Monsoon is the season when most of the people suffer from the problem of fungal or bacterial infections, excess sebum and skin irritation. All three of which are the main reasons behind one getting dandruff. With dandruff come the problem of dry and itchy scalp and dull & brittle hair that keep falling excessively all the time.

Damp Scalp:

While we hair are not to be totally blamed for causing dandruff, but to an extent, wet or damp scalp can lead for the problem to aggravate. Microbes are always present on the scalp and they thrive best in damp, warm or wet conditions. So leaving your hair wet for long can cause the problem of dandruff and leave your hair damaged

Lack Of Nutrients In The Scalp

Dry, itchy, dull and damaged hair could be because of lack of nutrients in your diet. A healthy diet goes a long way in giving you healthy and strong hair while an unhealthy one can do the reverse. Shun the junk and adopt healthy eating habits. Vitamins, proteins, minerals, calcium and a plethora of other essential nutrients are required to keep your mane in good condition. If you lack nutrients in your diet, time to change it or else fall prey to the problems of dandruff, hair fall, hair breakage and dryness.

Hair Styling Products

Shampooing your hair too much or using other hair products in excess can cause dandruff. It is so because most of the products available in the market are chemically treated and too much of chemical in the scalp can cause irritation, dryness and make it itchy. This can trigger intense reaction in the scalp and lead to problems of dandruff and hair fall.


While humidity causes the hair to lose its natural shine and nourishment, couple the problem with the presence of pollutants in the rain water, which when enters your hair culminates into fungal infection that weakens the roots and causes your hair to fall; and you have the perfect recipe for hair disaster ready!


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