Are you taking care of these body parts?


These seemingly-unimportant parts are actually important and — just like the rest of the body — need to be thoroughly cleaned.

Our body has so many obscure corners that somehow get overlooked when we take a shower. These seemingly-unimportant parts are actually important and — just like the rest of the body — need to be thoroughly cleaned and taken care of. For you may not be aware of the bacteria and germ colony residing in these places. A quick, customary bath, therefore, is not enough. Know what these places are, and how you can keep them clean. Read on.

The scalp
Everyone focuses on the hair, but the scalp is often ignored. While it is not necessary to clean the scalp every day (as this may affect the natural oils), it is important to clean it properly, using gentle massage techniques. This is so you can avoid the accumulation of dead skin cells, on which the body mites and bacteria feast. Gross.


Let’s just admit it already: no one even thinks about this place. But, experts say that there is a host of bacteria residing here, and if you do not touch/clean this place on the regular, they can cause it to smell.

The back
The place our hands don’t reach — just below the neck and between the shoulders. Use a back scrubber, or a loofah with a mild body wash and clean this place as often as possible. This can reduce the risk of developing skin infections.

The tongue
Tongue is a big indicator of whether or not you are healthy. But, it is also often overlooked, and neglected — a gross mistake done by many. Doctors say that besides teeth and gums, keeping the tongue clean is also necessary for dental health and hygiene. Using a tongue cleaner, therefore, is extremely important. Do this every day.

Back of the neck
Another place that no one really thinks to keep clean, especially those who have long hair. But, it is a great place for body mites and bacteria to reside in. Since this place is easily accessible, use a loofah to clean it every day when you take a shower.

The elbows
Why the elbows specifically, you ask? Throughout the day, the elbows rest on different surfaces, some of which are dangerously dirty. Also, the elbow cracks can make it easy for bacteria to enter the skin and cause infections. Ouch. When you take a bath, focus on this part of the body, and clean it using a mild soap.

Bottom of the feet
A great many of us do nothing about the feet when we bathe, because we think the soap water trickling down will do the needful. But, that is not the case. It is important to do away with the dead skin cells by cleaning the feet with pumice stone every now and then, especially if you sweat a lot.


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