What energy drinks do to your kid’s health!


Isn’t it true that the world has lost its naturalism while it comes to food and nutrition? Right from biscuits to health drinks, an advertisement is what we are endlessly attracted to. Have you ever gone through the ingredients before feeding it to your child? Ignoring such important aspects can lead to deterioration of your kid’s well being. Things you consider might boost your loved one’s immunity could secretly do the reverse.

Energy drinks are today’s talk of the town and are being criticized for its unusual stimulating properties. In fact, WHO (The World Health Organization) has released a statement saying that these drinks could cause public health problems. Several countries are taking immediate steps to cease the selling of such stimulators and it was the UK govt that recently imposed a complete ban on energy drinks. Considering the fact that these are most often consumed by teens of the age 12 to 18, there comes an immediate need for the parents to understand why kids got to stay away from these artificial boosters.

5 Risks Your Kids are prone to

  • Caffeine overdose is a major concern when it comes to energy drinks. Though these are non-alcoholic in nature, too much caffeine causes severe health issues including vomiting, nausea, or kidney problems.
  • Children are more at the risk of acquiring heart diseases and respiratory disorders.
  • Energy drinks are high in sugar content which causes type-2 diabetes in children and young adults. Since the body becomes resistant to insulin, there are more chances that your kid might unknowingly fall into the trap of this life-threatening disease when over consumed.
  • Dental disorders and tooth decay are often found in kids who consume energy drinks again because of the artificial sugars.
  • Teen obesity numbers have already been on the rise and it is no wonder energy drinks are adding to the count in every way possible.

As per stats, U.S and U.K have the highest index of energy drink consumers around the world, but it remains a monstrous health threat to the kids and teens of other countries as well. Instead of waiting for bans on these energy boosters, it is wise to educate your children about the ill effects of consuming such drinks.



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