Ways to cut the calories from your burger


Burgers come under the category of junk food. But with a few changes made to this fast food favorite you can easily eat your way into health.
Here are a few ways to make your burger healthier:

Make your own patty

The ready made patties that are available in the market are usually made with the trimmings of meat that contain a lot of fat. Instead heat to your local butcher and find a meat portion that contains less fat and ask him to mince it for you to make your own patty. If you don’t know how to make your own patty, don’t worry, it’s very easy. Just watch a few videos on the YouTube and you can be an expert in no time.

Go easy on the mayonnaise

Mayonnaise contains a lot of calories. Find one that is low fat or is eggless. You can instead use a healthy version of the mayonnaise like sour cream or hung curd.

Try to skip the cheese

Try to avoid adding the cheese as it can contribute to adding a few inches on your waist line. If you really can’t imagine downing a burger without cheese, opt for one that is low in fat.

Use whole wheat buns

When it comes to a burger it’s not only what comes in between but what comes on top that counts. Choose between a variety of whole wheat and multi-grain options to make a burger. Skip the white bread that contains hardly any fiber.

Load up on the veggies

Choose a thinner meat patty and instead fill your burgers with tons of vegetables. You can fill your burger with salsa or even a freshly tossed garden salad or even mushrooms. Take your pick from a variety of vegetables that provide you wholesome nutrition.

Cut down on the size

A whopper is definitely not an option if you are trying to get in shape. Limit the size of your burgers to not more than the size of your palm. Size does matter when it comes to the portions you eat.

Grill and not fry

Frying a burger is basically drowning a burger in a gallon of unhealthy fat and calories. Instead of filling up on a lot of empty calories that come in oil and fat that is unhealthy, opt to grill your burger.

There is no reason for you to cut out burgers completely from your diet. Instead eat these popular favorites the healthier way.


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