How to Be the Cutest Couple Ever (for Teens and Tweens)


Being a couple as an adolescent or teen can be a lot of fun. There are almost limitless ways to show people you are a couple and to be cute doing it. Wearing matching outfits is an easy way to be cute as a couple. Be sure to do things together in public like exercising or sticking together at parties. Cute couples are never afraid to show affection by hugging, using cute names, or holding hands wherever they go.

Interacting in Public
Go out on dates. Going out together provides a fun way to spend time together outside of school, and an added bonus is that you may be seen by classmates. Go to the park and walk, play sports, or play on the playground like you did as kids. Go to museums and learn new things together.

Whether or not you can drive and if you have any money to spend will determine the range of dates you can go on together. Going to a fancy dinner can be fun but may not be practical.

Be active together. Working out or playing sports together gives you a new way to be together besides hanging out at home or school. If your school has a fitness center, work out as a couple after school. Play co-ed intramurals or on club sports teams outside of school.
Being active together can be as simple as walking or shooting baskets at the park.
When people see that you care about your health and you enjoy exercising together, they will see your cuteness in a new way.

Mingle as a couple at parties. When you show up to a bonfire or weekly social event, stick together and mingle with the other guests as a couple. Rather than separating to find your own friends, sticking together shows you can still be a couple in a group of people.[3]
Visit groups of each person’s friends so that you both still get to talk to who you want to.
It’s okay to split up and get a little alone time, but when you stay together it is easier for people to see how cute you are.

Pick up a new hobby together. Hobbies give you a chance to do something fun and bond through that activity. Your communication will improve because talking during an activity is easier than sitting face to face. Telling people you took a dance class together or hiked the local national park will impress them.

Do winter sports like skiing, snowboarding or snowmobiling. Take an art class at the community center. Go to a martial arts studio and practice self-defense together.
You don’t necessarily have to start a new hobby. Find something that you both like doing and do it together instead of separately.

Showing Affection
Hold hands in public. Hold hands while you walk through the halls at school. Hold hands while you sit at sporting events. Sit by each other on the bus and hold hands while you ride. Anytime you are around your friends or in public, hold hands so people know you are a couple.
Holding hands can be an exciting step in the early stages of a relationship. In middle school and high school, people who are holding hands are almost always seen as a couple.

Use special nicknames in front of other people. Come up with cute nicknames that reveal something about your relationship. Use these names when you are calling to each other across the room or when you talk on the phone.

Nicknames can be simple like sweetie, pumpkin, honeybunch, or love. Make your nicknames more specific by incorporating your real names. For example, on How I Met Your Mother, Marshall and Lily call each other Marshmallow and Lilypad.

Hug each other often. When you first see each other in the morning, make a habit of giving each other a big, long hug. People will start to notice this as your morning routine. Hug each other in between class and anytime you leave each other for the day.
Go out of your way to hug each other and let people see you hugging. Hug each other for longer than you ever hug someone who is just a friend.

Pass notes at school. Pass notes when you see each other in the hall. Reading them will entertain you during class. Find sneaky ways to pass your notes during class, like rolling the note up and putting it inside a pen. Put a note in a gum wrapper and pass it.
You might get caught, so don’t include anything too private in your notes. If the teacher catches you and reads your note, you might be embarrassed if you write secrets.

Dressing as a Couple
Trade clothes with each other. Find a t-shirt, letterman’s jacket, or sweatshirt that has your name on it and give it to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Trading clothing with your name on it is a great way to be a cute couple. Trade clothing even if it doesn’t have your name on it. You’ll feel closer to each other and people will notice.

If you are very different in size, this may not always work. Small people can wear big clothes, but big people in small clothes might look silly rather than cute. If you want to wear your partner’s clothes, even if they are tight, though, go for it.

Choose each other’s outfits for a week. When the school semester is dragging on, or you are bored in the hot days of summer, pick out each other’s clothes and wear what your partner chooses. Have fun styling each other in fancy or silly outfits. Make each other look good and increase your cuteness as a couple.
Pick a theme for each day like what you’d wear to a fancy dinner, how’d you dress on a day off, or an unfashionable, mismatched outfit for something silly.
Make a deal that you have to wear whatever you pick out for each other. Be sure to tell people that you styled each other that week.

Dress in matching costumes for parties or dress up days. Any chance you get to wear a costume is a perfect opportunity to match. Select a famous character couple from a book, TV, or movie. Dress up as different versions of the same character or theme. Be sure it’s obvious that your costumes go together.

Look at costumes that people have already designed or come up with an original idea and design it yourself.

For example, you could dress up as Ash and Pikachu from Pokemon, Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, or a slice of pizza and the pizza delivery guy.

Coordinate your outfits. Look through each other’s closets and find outfits that match. If you have the exact same shirt, like from a club or sports team, this always works. Choose similar color schemes or patterns that make you look great together.
The main goal is to be on the same level of fanciness in your attire. If one person wears a nice dress and the other wears sweatpants, it’s not really matching.
Wear jeans and flannels, your fanciest outfit, or matching tracksuits.


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