Now Is the Time for You to Know the Truth about Horse Gram for Weight Loss


Horse Gram- One would wonder if it is food or elixir! At the end of this blog, you would agree with this statement. You would have tried almost everything for weight loss from crash diet, fad diet, and the list goes on..but have you ever tried horse gram for weight loss? If not, give it a try now. Yes, this tiny lentil would help you shed stubborn fat.

Why Horse Gram for Weight Loss?

Thinking about horse grams for weight loss? It’s time to start adding horse gram to your diet. Yes, it helps you lose weight with its marvelous medicinal and nutritional properties. Here is why you should consume it for weight loss:

  1.  Low in calories
  2.  Easy to digest
  3.  Keeps your energy levels high
  4.  Boosts Metabolism
  5.  Prevents fat absorption

1. Low in Calories

People who try hard to lose weight know how calories play a major role in weight loss. It is important to keep a watch on your calories. This miracle lentil, which has fewer calories, serves as a good option.

2. Easy to Digest

This tiny lentil is loaded with an unbelievable amount of fiber. The fiber boosts the peristaltic movement of the digestive tract, thus flushing out toxins from the colon. This fiber-rich gram also helps maintain proper digestive function.

3. Keeps Your Energy Levels High

Skipping fat intake and burning calories while working out can often lead to loss of energy, but this horse gram provides the body with enough carbs to counter the effects. This makes you feel satiated for a long period and keeps your energy levels high.

4. Boosts Metabolism

Do you know that horse gram is the richest vegetarian source of protein? Since it is rich in protein, it increases the number of mitochondria in muscles which in turn boosts metabolism. It also helps in the rejuvenation of muscles.

5. Prevents Fat Absorption

Consuming horse gram encloses the fat molecules and stops the absorption of fat. This leads to effective weight loss.

Additional Benefits of Horse Gram

  • It controls diabetes.
  • Treats kidney stones by preventing the accumulation of calcium oxalate.
  • It has anti-aging properties as it is rich in flavonoids and antioxidants.

By now, you would have agreed that this horse gram is not just a lentil but surely an elixir of life!

Points to remember

  1. Starving and food deprivation is not the right solution to lose weight. Instead, follow a healthy diet, work out regime and include this negative calorie food ‘horse gram’ in your diet for weight loss. It is easy to gain weight but it is challenging to lose weight. Nothing worth having comes easy!
  2. “Anything in excess is likely bad”

Too much consumption of horse gram generates more heat in your body and does more harm than good. It also interacts with anemia medication. Have it every day in a limited quantity for effective weight loss.


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