How to lose weight after pregnancy?



So, are you one amongst the women who struggle to reduce weight after pregnancy? Don’t worry, we are here to help you. Knowing the physiological changes you go through will help you in the journey of achieving your goal.

Things you should know about pregnancy weight gain
No need to say that the period from Pregnancy until delivery is exhausting and stressful.  Also mentally, it’s a taxing phase. There are many new responsibilities that you have to undertake which will put you physically tired most of the times in a day.
  1. Taking care of the newborn
  2. Recovering from childbirth, Postpartum depression
  3. And most importantly, shedding “baby weight”

Why do you put on weight after pregnancy?

During pregnancy, you have a chance of gaining around 25-35 pounds. Your body is building an environment for a growing baby. It includes extra fat as it is an energy reservoir after birth and during breastfeeding.

Why should you maintain a healthy weight after pregnancy?

However, gaining extra weight after pregnancy can lead to further complications, like heart diseases, and diabetes.  50% of women around the globe gain more than the recommended weight during pregnancy.  Most of them fail to lose weight after pregnancy as they don’t pay attention to themselves.

How to lose your weight after pregnancy?

There are three clear cut ways to lose your “baby weight”.

First, understand that patience and perseverance are the two key factors.  These will keep you motivated through this journey.


Lose weight by reducing Calorie intake:

Don’t opt for a low-calorie diet. This is not the time to feed only on fruits, nuts, and juices. However, keep them to snack on time to time. Reduce 1/8th of your calorie intake and not more than that.  Remember that you need a good amount of calorie to heal and recover. In addition, your baby needs good nutrition.

Take protein to shed weight:

Protein boosts metabolism and in turn, makes you shed extra weight. It helps reduce calorie intake as its more satiating.

Include fiber to reduce weight:

It makes you feel fuller and reduce your calorie intake.  It helps in the digestion of fats in a proper manner.


After delivery, your pelvic region and stomach take six to 12 months to recover. Especially if you had a c-section it takes around a year to recover from the physiological trauma you went through. You ought not to try intense exercises during this period. Always consult with a medical practitioner before trying on such exercises.  Going for a walk is a very good step towards shedding weight and improving health. You can try some floor exercises with your baby for making the routine more fun.


Yes! That’s right. Apart from providing nutrition and immunity for the baby, breastfeeding makes your uterus shrink back into position. Frequent and timely breastfeeding helps to regulate your hormones and it helps you reduce your tummy in about 8 months.


It’s not always possible for women to go back to the exact pre-pregnancy shape. Pregnancy makes some permanent changes in the body. Wider hips, softer belly, bigger waist are inevitable. Don’t get disheartened and become stressed and anxious because of these. You are the part creator and whole nurturer of a new life. At the end of the day what matters is not whether you regained your shape. But that you have been in an extraordinary journey of bringing a new life into this world. Be a proud mommy no matter how you look!


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