Face Mapping – What Your Skin Says about Your Health


Face mapping is an ancient practice that helps to find out the problems within just by analyzing our facial skin. This is a popular way to treat health issues, it helps prevent and correct diseases.

Look into this blog and let’s see what your face says about your health.

Face Mapping- Your Face Will Say about Your Health!


Changes in the forehead can mean issues in the nervous system and digestive system. Decrease your intake of processed food and fatty foods, whenever you are free, meditate and attend a yoga class for better health.

The Nose 

Breakouts on the nose area can mean internal inflammation. The nose is related to your circulatory system, so if you notice any changes on the nose, it indicates a blood pressure issue. Take in lots of olive oil, flaxseed oil, avocado, and spicy foods to normalize the problem.


You should always look after your eyes, below the eyes, and between the eyes. It will bring many health problems to light. Puffiness or a bulge below the eye indicates impaired kidney function, drink plenty of water, chew your foods and swallow.

The whiteness of iris shows joint problem issues, spotty iris means poor nutrition and if you witness a light ring around the eye cut short on your salt and sugar intake.

The Cheeks

Spots or discoloration on the Cheeks can indicate lung problems, iron deficiency or slow metabolism. They are linked to lung function so concentrate on your breathing exercise.

And also keep your face clean, wash with soap regularly and keep dirty accessories away from your cheeks to have clean healthy skin.

Chin and Jawline 

Spots on the chin and jawline can mean hormonal imbalance and high stress. It probably means you are going to have issues with your menstrual cycle. Get enough sleep, reduce stress as much as possible, and exercise every day, it will surely help.


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