Home Remedies for Skin Allergies


People tend to get absolutely pissed off when they have to deal with itchy skin, redness, swelling, raised bumps, skin flaking or skin cracking from dry skin. They give up their hope to go outside and socialise, rather stay indoors and crib about it, 24x7x365 days. But as they say, if there is a will, there is a way, so the way here is to take the help of herbal plants and its effective remedies. As allopathy medicines have been nothing less than popping pills for some of the people, but some home remedies for skin allergies have been seen to be quite effective under such scenarios.

These Indian home remedy for skin allergy have been long borrowed from our ancestors and our grandparents. Each of these remedies is so effective to treat skin allergy naturally that it has been existing and talked of, way before when we actually came into this world. Let’s check out what are these list of home remedies for skin allergy itching from the below.

1. Baking Soda
Commonly used to bake cakes, muffins, and cookies, baking soda is quite effective to maintain the ph balance of your skin, thereby, soothing the skin allergy. It works as an anti-inflammatory agent when one applies a paste or takes a bath in a baking soda solution. Here’s how you need to go by:
Use It As A Paste – Take 4 tbsp of baking soda and 12 tbsp. of water. Mix it well until it forms a paste. Apply the paste over the itchy areas. After 10 minutes, wash it off with some cool water. You can even substitute water with some coconut oil.
Use It As A Bathing Solution – Take a cup of baking soda and pour it into your bathtub of lukewarm water. Stir it thoroughly. Soak your body by getting fully immersed in that water for about 15 minutes or so. Wash your body gently in a lukewarm shower.

2. Plants To The Rescue
Among other blissful properties of a plant that it has got is that of being extremely effective to provide skin allergy treatment at home. Natural practitioners have recommended these plants to be fruitful in treating your skin allergies, like a pro.
Aloe Vera – Soothing the annoying itch of atopic dermatitis and other skin issues, Aloe Vera is a magical plant when its extracts are used as a gel.

Rumex japonicus Houtt – An effective alternative to atopic dermatitis, Rumex japonicus Houtt is native to East Asia (China, Japan, and Korea).

Konjac ceramide – Extremely effective in protecting the skin from irritants, and pollution, this herb looks after curing dryness, itching and irritation.

Other herbal plants which solve a number of skin problems would be – Persimmon leaf extract, basil, chamomile, coriander, English marigold, neem and stinging nettle.

3. Cold Compress
The best and the fastest face allergy home remedy is that of a cold compress. If you are facing some itching on your beautiful face or have developed some allergy on it, then a cold compress is by far the easiest solution to your skin problems. You can either choose to go with an icepack, cool shower or a damp cloth; it will not just offer you immediate relief but will also look into low the progression of a rash/ irritation. The cold of the ice cubes or the dampen cloth will limit blood flow to an inflamed area and will eventually reduce the swelling or inflammation. To treat rashes with a cold compress, we would suggest you take a cold shower or bath, instead.

Fill an ice bag or plastic bag with ice cubes or just dampen a cloth with cold water. Place the cloth over your skin and hold it until the itching or pain subsides. Repeat as many times as it brings comfort to you, but make sure to never directly apply ice to your skin.

4. Coconut Oil
Coconut extracts and oil have been quite widely used in the herbal beauty industry as it acts as an effective face allergy home treatment. High in saturated fats and has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, as many people are allergic to coconut, it must be tried on one spot on the inner arm first then applied to other parts of the body. If you aren’t allergic to coconut then you can absolutely use it at your disposal to treat your face allergy issues.

All one needs to do is apply some moisturiser on their face or skin which has got some coconut extracts in it. Or can even apply coconut oil directly over the rashes, allergy or itchy areas. Unprocessed coconut oil has antioxidants and other antimicrobial properties which is what makes it just the best among other kinds of coconut oil.

5. Tea Tree Oil
Americans have been using tea tree oil since ages as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory remedy for skin/face allergies. Comes from a steam-distilled plant, antimicrobial properties of tea tree oil quite explains why it is an effective treatment for skin conditions such as acne.

Used in the diluted form, a tea tree oil can result in drying if used otherwise. You can dilute it by using any other kinds of oil like coconut oil or olive oil. Or even with your moisturizer.

So, these were a few home remedies to treat any kind of skin or face eruptions. Keep the glow on as you choose to pamper your skin with the goodness of these herbal remedies. We bet you and your skin will be absolutely beaming with joy.


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