Here’s why makeup hygiene is vital!


We look forward to practice hygiene in every aspect of living. But, do you even pay attention to the nuances that might take a toll on your daily hygiene? Yes, your quality of makeup not only involves purchasing high-end foundations or branded lip sticks. Everything from cleaning your brushes to sterilizing your nail kits, maintaining good makeup hygiene lies in almost anything and everything. Here are a few things to remember the next time you handle your makeup kit.

1. Sanitize your hands

Though you use brushes, blenders, and highlighters for most of the part, it is very much essential that you first sanitize or wash your hands prior to laying your hands on the makeup tools. This will help your skin stay away from unwanted bacterial accumulation. Similarly, use clean towels or wipes for the very same reason.

2. Clean your makeup tools regularly

Your makeup tools and brushes are subject to everything from bb creams to mascaras. This makes them vulnerable to germ accumulation when left unattended for long hours of time. In addition to this, the sebum from your own skin could get settled in the bristles, making them unfit for use without cleansing. Hence, rinse the brushes thoroughly and air-dry them every 2nd or 3rd time you use.

3. Sharing is strictly prohibited

Sharing your makeup tools is the last thing you should be doing. No matter how close a friend you are, sharing is never a good deed when it comes to your makeup. This act not only has the ability to cause skin infections and rashes through transmission of germs, in the worst case, you may also end up with acne and itching.

4. Check for the makeup’s expiry

Every makeup item comes with an expiry and it is always essential that you keep a check on this. Using an eyeliner or mascara beyond a period can lead to eye infections and hence, the best way to stay away from such unwanted nuisance is to make sure you discard your powders and blushes once they are past their expiry.

5. Storage matters

Now that you are done with the Marilyn Monroe makeup, it’s time you dust the tools, cleanse if required, and store them in a proper way so that they are ready for the next use.

Makeup hygiene is one of the deciding factors of a healthy lifestyle. It might seem trivial, but could contribute a lot to the way your skin looks and feels.


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