Cell phones and smart phones make our life so much easier, there is no denying that. It is one of the few devices that have become an integral part of our daily lives. However cell phones does bring some harm and not only good.

86 out of every 100 people worldwide use cell phones.

Hazards of Cell Phones

 Cell Phones Emit Radiation

Is actually a two-way microwave radio that sends and receives a type of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation called radio frequency radiation RF/ EMF. These made-made pulsed electromagnetic frequencies cause adverse biological effects and are very different than the natural electromagnetic fields. These made-made pulsed electromagnetic frequencies cause adverse biological effects. The radiation from the phone moves into our brain. Likewise, when we use a wireless laptop, the radiation penetrates into our abdominal region, chest area and brain.

Emits Radiation ConstantlyCell Phones

Cell phone is always “checking in” and maintaining a connection to the nearest cell tower by sends intense bursts of radiation several times per second. Likewise, a wireless-enabled laptop, tablet or other device is always “checking in” with the nearby router or a network base.

Cell Phone Towers

Cell phones are really a danger and some have found strong links that say living in an area with cell phone towers with high frequency can cause cancer.

People living within 50 to 300-meter radius of cell phone towers are at higher risk of diseases due to electromagnetic radiation. People living within 2 to 2.5 miles in the radius of cell phone towers are at risk of health hazards.

Health Issues Due To Cell PhonesCell Phone

Due to the changes in electrical activities of brain

  1. Seizures
  2. Paralysis
  3. Stroke
  4. Psychosis
  5. Cardiovascular problems

Major problems that have been linked to excessive cell phone

  1. Damaged blood vessels that translate to loss of protection to brain
  2. Cancer
  3. Brain Tumor, DNA damage
  4. Sleep disorders
  5. Irreversible fertility
  6. Skin problems
  7. Hearing loss due to overheating of ear drums
  8. Damage to red blood

Children Higher Risk

Children are at a greater risk of excess usage of cell phones because their skull is thin compared to adults. Hence using cell phones beyond limits run into a major risk of procuring brain damage.

Precautions to Reduce Mobile Phone

You can reduce your exposure to RF radiation

  • using a landline phone if one is available
  • keeping your mobile phone calls short
  • using a hands-free kit such as earphones
  • not carrying your mobile phone close to your body when it is switched on
  • Try texting as an alternative to talking on cell phones.

An intention to use mobile phones with minimum health risks is possible only if developing awareness among customers in using mobile phones. Hence minimize risks, manufacturers should develop safe measures. To upgrade effective regulations and legislation aspects for design, manufacture, energy consumption, recycling and reuse of mobile phones so as to mitigate and reduce the different harmful impacts.

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