Benefits of Swimming for Weightloss


The benefits of swimming for weight loss are numerous. Swimming is more like a resistance workout. It is one of the exercises that work your arms, glutes, hips, and shoulders all at the same time. It helps you burn more calories than you would through floor exercises. Water and body have an amazing connection. Water has the right ratio of flexibility and rigidness. This is the reason why swimming can cause you to burn more calories in the. Swim at least 40 minutes on alternative days to get the weight loss results. The number of calories you burn depends on your weight. But an average person can burn up to 500 calories in a one-hour swimming session.

How Swimming Helps You Lose Weight?

Swimming is like a high-intensity workout. It helps to shed weight while strengthening your body and toning your muscles. Follow up on the routine of swimming for weight loss. Apart from this, swimming is an extraordinary fitness routine. During every stroke, it expands your thorax and makes room for lungs work in full volumes. With that vigorous movement of arms legs, your body takes up more oxygen. In turn, your metabolic rate increases and you burn more calories. Swimming strengthens your body’s core muscles.

How Long Do You Have to Swim to Lose Weight?

It depends on your weight and the intensity of the swimming process. You should try different strokes in swimming for weight loss.  If you only do a backstroke for an hour and take frequent breaks it is more like a recreational activity. You can’t expect to shed any weight. Let’s say that you do vigorous swimming for 30minutes. This will definitely make you burn at least 500 calories. Consistency is important for any form of exercise. Train your body to shed weight by implementing a regularized pattern. If you are a beginner in weight loss program starts with a 20 minutes swimming session for every two days. Increase the timing and bring your swimming routine to every alternate day. Keep up with the timing as being consistent is the mantra. You can lose one pound if you burn 1500 calories. With a healthy diet and lifestyle along with swimming, you can see the change in one month.

What Are the Swimming Strokes That Make You Lose Weight Faster?

Different swimming strokes workout different muscles in the body. The butterfly stroke involves more muscles in the process. But you can burn more calories through freestyle. Also, it depends on the speed and intensity of strokes. But, try different strokes like breaststroke and backstroke between sessions to beat boredom. One of the best exercises is swimming for weight loss.

Can I Lose Tummy Fat through Swimming?

Swimming is a good workout for your entire body. It doesn’t help in spot reduction. You have to try abdomen exercises to reduce your belly fat. But swimming is a great workout to shed overall weight. Yet butterfly kicks and flutter kicks workout your lower abdomen and oblique muscles. These can make you shed some extra pounds in that region.


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