3 Exercises You Should Do Daily If You Have Back Pain Or Knee Pain


Leg exercises: Exercising is important for one and all. Your agility, mobility, flexibility and immunity are all dependent on your daily diet and level of physical activity. Being physically active is crucial for the health and well-being of senior citizens as well. In an Instagram post, Rujuta Diwekar shares a series of exercises that can be done by senior citizens. She specifically emphasises that these exercises will benefit everyone.

The exercises focus on legs and lower body. Diwekar says that most lifestyle-related disease begin because of a weak lower body. This includes the likes of diabetes, heart disease and knee pain. “That is why doctors recommend losing weight to deal with most of such issues. But more than that, it is also important to strengthen your lower body,” says Diwekar.

Exercises for stronger legs to reduce back and knee pain

  1. The first exercise involves lying down on the mat on your side. Rest on your elbows. Bend the lower leg. Pull the leg in front towards chest, while bending the knee, and extend it back straight, and then backwards. When you extend the leg backwards, you will feel the stretch in your hips and hamstrings. Repeat the same on the other side as well.
  2. Lie down flat on your stomach. Rest your forehead on your palm and lift one leg at a time. This exercise can help those with back pain and knee pain. Do 3 reps on each side at a time. Try to lift your hips as well. The same can be achieved with regular practice on a daily basis.
  3. The third exercise also includes lying down on your stomach. Bend your left knee. With your left hand, try to hold left ankle. Once you have held the ankle, try to lift the thigh from the floor. Your shoulders should be lifted upwards towards the ceiling. If you are unable to lift the ankle with your hand, take the help of a dupatta or a belt, and try to lift your hips upwards. Watch video shared below to see how Diwekar does it.


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