4 Ways to prevent binging post workout


After visiting the gym most of us are usually ravenous and can over do the eating part. Post workout if you eat too much you can cancel the good that came due to working out.

You need to be smart to kill the hunger the right way. If you are not careful you will land up gaining all the pounds you have been trying to shed.

Here are four ways to beat post workout hunger:

  • Ease your workout a bit

Lower the intensity of your workout. Research has shown that lower the intensity of workout might make you burn lesser calories but it would also kill the post-appetite hunger.

  • Drink up

It is very easy to mistake thirst for hunger. Keep sipping on water throughout the day. Always drink water before you eat so that you do not mistake thirst for hunger pangs.

  • Keep meal time soon after a workout

Working out just before a meal may help curb your appetite. Waiting an hour or more after a workout will make you eat more and eat back the calories they just burned. So eat within 30 minutes of the workout.

  • Refuel widely

You do need to refuel after a workout so that your body gets to rebuild its muscle fibers. Instead of opting for sugar laden protein bars and shakes, grab a handful of nuts and fruit or even yogurt topped with seeds.


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